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i dont know how to deal with a pack(2 posts)

i dont know how to deal with a packjohn de
Apr 17, 2001 5:32 PM
how am i going to deal with my first race.. a fast group ride i just did today for the first time(philadelphia kelly drive) it was hectic enough..i dont know how to maneuver in the pack it seems..i had so many people telling me "watch it" or "easy there" seems that there is a compromise between safety and wanting to get where you want and im not sure when to do what...alot of the time i felt i was being too passive and not jumping in front of someone to take their wheel but i wasnt sure if id kill someone or get yelled at for improper a race if someone tries to take the wheel in front of me is it a game of all for competativeness but im starting to feel like its a battle of balls...and this is just on a group ride...i hope it finally becomes comfortable but from what i read there are tons of crashes...should i opt for races and avoid the crits..
re: i dont know how to deal with a packTexas racer
Apr 17, 2001 5:54 PM's pretty much a game of guts. Being assertive to get the spot you want, but realize it may cost you friends and maybe even a crash here and there when you run up with someone equally bullheaded. It's rather like a chess game...vying for your spot. But in the pack, the only thing you should be doing is picking a spot where you want to ride to either (a) make your move or (b) settle in for the long haul. Going back and forth without a game plan is just upping your risk for no reason. Ideally if you want to stay on the leaders, you should ride in in the top 20% of the pack...just far enough back to catch a real breakaway, and in front of the middle bulge where a crash is more likely.

And yes, crits are inherently more crash-prone simply because they don't get strung out at all and everyone pretty much remains in the pack. That plus the tight turns...makes for good reasons to be more careful.

There are some more in-depth responses at Check out the forum area. Good Luck John