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Weight LossKuku
Apr 17, 2001 11:04 AM
Does anyone have any tips for weight loss? I can't seem to lose weight for cycling. I used to row competitively, and I had no problem with weight then. I guess the way I've been riding just isn't enough. Does anyone know of any good resources for diet and nutrition info? Was there something that worked for you?
I'm not fat, I just wish I had a few less pounds to carry up hills.
re: Weight LossKerry Irons
Apr 17, 2001 4:24 PM
The "easiest" way to lose weight, doing any sport, is to go to bed slightly hungry. Then your body will spend the night burning fat for its fuel rather than burning the food in your stomach. How hungry you are when you hit the sack determines how fast you lose weight. Obviously you can't be an idiot the rest of the day, slamming KFC, but if you eat reasonably all day and go to bed a bit hungry, you will lose weight fairly rapidly. Recognize that 2 lb weight loss per week (1000 calorie per day deficit!) is as fast as you can safely lose weight regardless of the nonsense claims of various diet gurus. One of the best authors for sports nutrition in Nancy Clark, who has written several books. Another good book is "Food for Sport" by (I believe) David Smith. Special foods, supplements, weird diets, etc. are always getting the publicity, but in the long run only eating less than you burn will let you lose weight.
re: Weight LossBenjamin
Apr 23, 2001 3:54 AM
Also, if you can do some moderate workout early in the morning, beofore you eat anything, the weight will come off. Nothing big, just hop on your trainer or rollers for 15 or 20 minutes of light stuff. Your body will go right through its glycogen stores and your metobolism will be playing "catch up" all day, burning food faster.