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So there I was on the bell lap ...(2 posts)

So there I was on the bell lap ...Java
Apr 17, 2001 10:11 AM
... of a 2 mile circuit, 13 laps done, 30 of 50 racers still together in the bunch, breakaway had finally been caught and you could feel the tension building as everyone was sucking huge wheel into a strong headwind, eagerly anticpating the bend in the road ahead where the wind pushes you home. My race was going well, covered several breaks for a teammate in the breakaway, and almost got one going myself with three laps left. But now everyone was together with just under two miles to go, legs felt good, heartrate on the rise as I start thinking about making my move ... as soon as the we make it out of this bloody headwind. Then, without warning, two guys directly in front of me touch, wobble ... and down they go!! Brakes, brakes ... too late, no room ... can't turn ... (subconsciously mtb skills kick in) ... lift hard on the bars, shift body weight (quick prayer) ... and ride right over the two bikes tangled on the ground! ... over them now, one foot out of pedal, chain is off, but unbelievably, I'm still on the bike (new max HR)!! A dozen guys in front of the accident are off and preparing for the finish ... can't catch them ... the rest managed to brake in time. Spin across the line with one other guy and find that both racers down will thankfully be fine. Thank my lucky stars, go home, tell wife, smile and get ready for the next one. IT'S RACING SEASON!!

P.S. This is a new handle for me, as someone has apparently "registered" the name Jay. I mention this so that everyone here can update their address books, PalmPilots, X-mas card lists and breath easy "knowing" who I am.
gotta love the MTB skillsJon(unregistered)
Apr 18, 2001 9:49 AM
I saw a teammate ride over someones rear triangle in a crit last year. He crimped the seatstay, and I think punctured his rear tire, but stayed up and in the race. That's why I'm an advocate of cross-training. The road skills work racing mountain, and vice versa. Hopefully my road season opener this year (40 mile circuit race on sunday) will go better, but I'm always prepared to crash.