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how often do cashes happend and should i get insurance(3 posts)

how often do cashes happend and should i get insurancejohn de
Apr 15, 2001 3:36 PM
i dont even have health insurance...i rode a group ride today and although i never had to ride in the center of the pack on descents or turns i think it would really bug me are you supposed to crash anyway ..or does it just happend and you do the best you can...
re: how often do cashes happend and should i get insuranceDuane Gran
Apr 16, 2001 4:55 AM
If you race long enough, you will crash. Although you mention group rides, since you post this in the racing forum I suppose that you do some racing. Even if not, crashes occassionally happen on group rides, but they are more common in races where tension is higher.

The thing that convinced me of this was one time sitting together with a group of cyclists who had ridden for many years. One of the riders had a sling on his shoulder and was commenting on how his broken collarbone was healing well. At this, another cyclist chimed in to tell her story of when her collarbone broke. She described it casually, and many riders seemed to talk of broken bones, road rash and scars as a part of cycling, just like training and pedaling. It just comes with the territory. Ouch!

I'm a new racer. In fact, I've only raced 5 times (ridden for a while though) and I have been in 2 crashes. Before you all think I'm a squirrel, please understand that I was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think 40% crashing is statistically abnormal and I don't expect this to continue. This much I know... I wouldn't race without medical insurance. A broken bone could cost thousands at the hospital. An ambulance ride and a night in the hospital could really set you back financially. Forget the pain and suffering, we wouldn't do this if we were creatures of comfort, the financial issues are what really scares me.

As far as "how to crash" I was given some advice. The foremost advice, which is hardest to follow, is to relax. Don't tense up your whole body. If you can remain nimble you might be able to stear or jump around it. This is the best case scenerio. If you will go down, I hear it is best to keep your arms outward in front of you, ala superman style. This way you can generally use your hands and arms to soften the fall and then impact more with your chest or back. The tendancy is to impact on the shoulder, but this what breaks collarbones. I haven't found a scenerio for falling that seems pleasant. About the best thing you can do is shave your body so that it is easier to pick gravel out of your skin. ;)
re: how often do cashes happend and should i get insuranceEPO
Apr 16, 2001 4:25 PM
You should always have health insurance.What happens if you get cancer?I will tell what will happen your life will of my frinds had cancer and his hospital bill was 600,000.

I race pro 1,2 and there is about one crash per crit. there seam to be less in road races.The bigger the race is the more crashes there are because there is a lot of money on the line so keep that in mind.