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Below knee pain(4 posts)

Below knee painRed Baron
Apr 10, 2001 6:37 AM
I was wondering if a recent problem I have is common to others. I have developed a pain on the outside of my left leg below the leg along the tendon that runs down. If I kneel the wrong way on the tendon I feel it. It does not appear to bother me when I ride. During the winter I did legextensions and squats and wonder where this came from and any advise on healing etc. I've stopped legwork. Just riding for now.

re: Below knee painRich
Apr 10, 2001 7:34 AM
Well you're F'd. Thats an iliotibial (IT) band problem. FOr it to stop hurting means just taking complete time off. When mine get sore it takes 2+ weeks of doing nothing but stretching to help them heal. You'll need to ice it and take advil to help with swelling. Leg extensions are the worst exercise on your knees. leg press and squats work the quads much more effectively and arent anywhere near as damaging on the knees.
re: Below knee painRed Baron
Apr 10, 2001 8:29 AM
Thanks Rich,

This is below the knee. IT Band is on the outer thigh. This is along the outside of the shin.
re: Below knee painJim Heckman
Apr 12, 2001 9:21 AM
This could be Osgood-Schlatter disease. It could be a lot of things. I am currently recovering from patella tendonitis and Osgood-Schlatter. Is the pain near or on the bump that is on the front of the tibia (shin bone)? If so, it may be OS. You should see a doctor about the condition before it worsens so that you can get an expert opinion. RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation).