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Anyone riding a Lemond Alpe d'Huez(2 posts)

Anyone riding a Lemond Alpe d'Huezevs
Mar 26, 2001 11:48 AM
I was looking for input in ot this bike.It has 105 components , time stilleto carbon fiber fork and an aero-aluminum frame.How does it hold up at speed , in the corners and on those long centuries.

re: Anyone riding a Lemond Alpe d'HuezDEVO
Apr 16, 2001 4:44 PM
The lemond is great.I up gradded the componets to dura ace after one season on the 1o5. I cant complaine about the 105 group it was good. shifts almost as good as DA. The bike its self is great I did TT RR and crits on mine.I have put 12,000 miles on my 2000 and will buy another one. I highly reconend the lemond