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24 hour challenge...(3 posts)

24 hour challenge...chuck
Mar 25, 2001 1:55 PM
anyone competed in a 24hr challenge? there's one here in sw michigan during june, and i'd like to compete. any tips for training?
re: 24 hour challenge...HRH
Mar 28, 2001 11:10 AM
I did the 24 hours of Moab (solo) this past October. I have three pieces of advice:

1) Improve your stamina by doing long(2-4hours), moderate intensity rides. I would do 3 of these a week (Sat, Sun and mid-week). This is a stamina race #laps is more important than how fast a lap you do.

2) Experiment with what type of food works for your system. Gels and recovery drinks work great for me. Use recovery drinks and pre-ride drinks. They really do work (for me at least).

3) Get a camalback Blowfish or similar size hydration system. Their extra capacity allows you to carry chain lube (Moab was very dusty), light jacket, tools, gloves, and other stuff.

The 24 hour format is a lot of fun. You will love it. Good luck!
re: 24 hour challenge...chuck
Mar 30, 2001 4:10 AM
i didnt think anyone was going to answer!
i have 4 cages (2 behind seat).....should i still
get a camelbak?
i drink a lot, so i hope dehydration wont be a big problem.
4 hr rides? thats it? seems too easy.....but i'm sure that will be different once i get on the bike.