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recovering from patellar tendinitis question(2 posts)

recovering from patellar tendinitis questionHeckman1
Mar 17, 2001 4:46 AM
I have been diagnosed with patellar tendinitis in both of my knees. More so in the left. I have been off of my bike for 6 weeks and plan to be off at least 2 more. I have been going to physical therapy twice a week for the past 5 weeks and icing the knees for 15 minutes every 2-3 hours for the past 5 weeks.

Has anyone had any success in recovery using/doing anything other than what I mentioned? Secondly, can anyone recommend how I should go about getting back on the bike? I have never had anything like this and am not sure how to ease myself back into riding w/o hurting myself again. Any suggestions would be helpful.
re: recovering from patellar tendinitis questionAlan
Mar 17, 2001 10:35 AM
I have a condition similar to yours called Chrondromalacia. I have it primarily in my left knee although I do have some slight pain sometimes in my right knee.

Aside from trying to strengthen my quad, I switched to SpeedPlay pedals, raised my saddle a couple millimeters to reduce the knee bend and use lower gears when climbing. I'm actually going to see a Physical Therapist on Monday who's is also a bicycle coach and triathlete. I'm going to get a new bike fitting to see if I need to make any changes. I had a flare up in my left knee over last Thanksgiving and my doctor prescribed Vioxx and Relafen to keep the inflammation and pain down.

It's going to take some time to get back into cycling shape so just be patient. Just keep spinning in the low gears and as you put on more mileage, slowly increase your gearing on your rides.

Good luck.