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solo tacticslone rider
Mar 9, 2001 5:24 PM
Ok, i have a 48 mile race Sunday, I have a team of 9+ guys covering me (as in keeping me back) I can only count on one person to break with me. My plan is to break within the first 2 miles, and hammer the hard sections and cruise the flats. I should be able to get off no problem, whether or not I have enough support to keep it up is the question.

I know the guys who are after me are planning to send multiple attacks out after the 10 mile mark. With the real riders holding out for the finalie.

Any one think my plan will work? I'm a pretty strong riderCat 4-5, but am just getting over a cold.

Mar 9, 2001 7:04 PM
If I read your scenario correctly, you have one ally against a well organized team of 9+ guys. You plan on attacking pretty much right away and then the two of you will stay off the front until the end by only working on the "hard" sections.

More likely, the team will let you guys dangle off the front while they stay in the pack and stay fresh, then catch you guys after 30 miles while you two are blown out the back.

Your best bet would be to stay in the lead group and not chase down every break. You say the real riders will hold out until the end. You should be with those guys. If you want to win the race or even place well, do no work during the race no matter what and make sure you are in position near the end behind those guys and make your move at the right time.
here's how it turned outlone rider
Mar 11, 2001 2:16 PM
well, I had 2 guys working with me, the early break didn't workout, the 9 guys ended up being 15, They were not letting anone get away. They sent off numerous attacks, we picked the ones that has prospect and bridged the pack up to them.

We figured the safety of the pack was our best bet. In the end 3 riders got off, and we let them stay out, it became a fight for 4th. We worked pretty well, considering the 10 minutes of planning. Lots of bumping, but all in all a good race, I picked up 5th, but may be awarded 4th after the video is reviewed.