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Supplements?(10 posts)

Mar 8, 2001 6:20 AM
Anyone use supplements like creatine or anything else? Creatine seems like it wouldn't work to well and make you cramp up in cycling, but I was wondering if there are any other supplements people use?
I refuse to take creatine ...Humma Hah
Mar 14, 2001 12:49 PM
... I agree, the effects it is noted for (plumping up muscles) don't seem appropriate for cycling. Besides, your body can make all it needs.

I take a multivitamin, 400 IU of natural E gelcaps, and 2 grams of fish oil a day (helps my HDL/LDL ratio considerably).
I refuse to take creatine ...TJeanloz
Mar 16, 2001 6:33 AM
Refuse all you want. What little data there is shows that creatine leads to less muscle fatigue and faster recovery. But the fact is that there really isn't a comprehensive study on it. I took creatine in my last season of racing for one reason- to keep my weight up. In previous years, I'd start the year around 140lbs, and finish around 115lbs. The season that I took creatine, I was able to maintain 130-135 the whole summer.
keeping weight upDog
Mar 16, 2001 6:54 AM
Gee, whiz, were you just metabolizing all your muscle?

I've tried it a couple of times. I, too, gained weight each time, but that was bad for me. I found short burst power to be marginally increased, but at the expense of long efforts - long hills I'd start feeling very powerful, but seemed to go more anaerobic than normal before reaching the top.

You may make a good point. Don't use it unless you need it.

In any event, I've not heard of anything that should keep you from experimenting with it. Just try to keep records so that you can attempt to eliminate other variables to determined whether it has positive results.

Good reason for me not to ...Humma Hah
Mar 16, 2001 6:58 PM
... because that's pretty close to my target for weight loss this year.

On the other hand, I can see why you'd like it. Any lighter and you'd have to carry rocks in your jersey pockets on a windy day to keep from blowing away! How do you get traction? ;-)
creatine usebadgerboy
Mar 19, 2001 11:32 AM
just some medical info on creatine. You will increase muscle recovery, and its great for power, but you will gain weight. the first 7 pounds you gain are water, anything after that will be muscle. The benefits are great, but you will have to carry more ass up the hill.
Just what I need ...Humma Hah
Mar 19, 2001 4:55 PM
... glorioski! You mean I need more muscle than I get slogging up the hills on a 42.5-pound singlespeed with a 10-pound pack on my back?

I lean toward the honest way of putting on muscle. Climbing hills on my "only" is essentially high-rep weightlifting, and it is really effective. But my training goals this year are to lose about 18 pounds of really useless bodyfat (I'd still have a health margin, even after that). Good nutrition and weight training encourage the body to produce as much creatine as it should have.
I refuse to take creatine ...Andy
Mar 28, 2001 12:43 PM
I'm not sure where you are looking for info on creatine supplementation, because it is one of the most widely studied areas by sports scientists and exercise physiologists over the past few years. If you look in scientific journals you will find a multitude of articles, none however thus far are comprehensive.
re: Supplements?AHobie17
Mar 20, 2001 1:30 PM
I've used creatine powders in the past, it does decrease the burn from the lactic acid( for me). Last year I used it and noticed no side effects. This year I got very slight cramps or a bloated stomach feeling, it wasn't enough to keep me from ridding. Besides once I warmed up I didn't feel cramps or anything. I was using one tablespoon every day(I'm 150lbs). I decided to quit using the powder and use the liquid stuff out there for runners only on days that I plan to go hard. The liquid is advertised as to getting into your system quiker without H2O retention or cramps. Figured I'd give it a try in the future.
re: Supplements?Jon Billheimer
Mar 21, 2001 7:35 AM
Kevin Lippert over at CTS posted this information last year in response to a query about creatine use: Use creatine as a recovery supplement 1) if you train 14 hrs per week or 2) after rides of 2 hrs. or more. Use creatine together with glutamine and carbohydrates. Do not "load" with creatine. Take 1 gram of creatine together with 1 gram of glutamine for every 25 lbs. of lean body mass. Take with about 200 kcal of CHO.

I haven't tried this, so can't vouch for its effectiveness. Besides which I don't want to gain weight as I can't climb hills worth a damn with the weight I'm carrying.

From the studies I read on creatine use last year in Ex. Phys. it would appear that creatine is of questionable value to endurance athletes, unless possibly you're a track sprinter. However, somebody might want to try the recovery formula and report back.