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ass handed to me in commemorative box(2 posts)

ass handed to me in commemorative boxjbrown2036
Mar 5, 2001 1:23 PM
I went out yesterday for the local crit training series and boy!! Freezing rain and driving wind made it fun and kind of "Crit of Flanders", but the pot holes weren't deep enough to be really challenging:)

The race director hits the button on the bull horn and we are off- no "hey we have 19 more laps maybe we should pace ourselves" here. Shot out of the back in first turn, but regain family honor on hill section. Downhill section and I am the god of hell fire!. Lead a lap caught-shot out the back:). Chase back with lesson learned.

Newbie with the spankin new Colnago Dream and attitude problem-slips on ice and power slides into curb crossing yellow line. Rider ok, Colnago trashed! (it quickly occurs to me that maybe we shouldn't be out here on our A bikes!)

Race ends in bunch sprint way ahead of me. Congratulate winner and get in car with heater on full blast. Cold, miserable, numb, tired, and hungry. I loved every minute of it:)

How was your weekend ride?
great storyjohn de
Mar 30, 2001 12:24 PM
tell me what happends in the next race..ive never done it yet but im dying to going to give it a week or two more to slightly shape up,a real ass whopping might discourage me, im glad you had fun