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Would you trust Boyd Coddington to build your hotrod?(5 posts)

Would you trust Boyd Coddington to build your hotrod?Spoiler
Feb 8, 2004 9:41 AM
After watching the Discovery Channel show, American Hotrod, I don't think I would. His "team" looks like a collection of a few experts and plenty of duds. There a pair of punks who seem to have zero mechanical ability, no work ethic, and bad attitudes. I'd think that a high-profile shop like that could get only the best, highly-motivated mechanics available. If I was a skilled body, motor, or general mechanic, I'd be pissed that he employs those clowns.
Plus, in the two cars I've seen built, obvious shortcuts and sham rigging is employed. Engine don't fit? Just chop up the fire wall. Shim this, shim that.
Compare this to another show, "A Car is Reborn" where a somewhat irritating British dude rebuilds a classic Jag. He does everything perfect, no shortcuts.
re: Would you trust Boyd Coddington to build your hotrod?SteveCnj
Feb 9, 2004 8:30 AM
You're right. I was horrified at the short cuts and sloppy work displayed in the projects shown. They seem to be more concerned with appearance and getting it done rather than doing it right. I was actually surprised that they would allow the filming of some of their "work", which the car owner will eventually be able to see.

Did you see the struggle with the transmission that wouldn't line up? They spent two hours trying to force it together rather than find the real problem, which turned out to be the throw-out bearing. Isn't that usually the problem when the input shaft won't align?
re: Would you trust Boyd Coddington to build your hotrod?Spoiler
Feb 9, 2004 4:56 PM
I suppose Boyd thinks the show will give him great exposure. Lots of the bickering and "time crunch" elements are just ripping off American Chopper. I have a feeling he'll get lots of orders from hotrod wannabees, but true hotrod afficiandos will avoid this work like the plague.
Speaking of Amercian Chopper, what do you think of that show? Although the bickering can get old, I think it's genuine and they'd be going through the same thing if the cameras were never rolling.
re: Would you trust Boyd Coddington to build your hotrod?SteveCnj
Feb 10, 2004 7:31 AM
I like American Chopper. I don't think it is staged too much. They probably would be at each others throats even with out the cameras. There seems to be a real personality clash going on, as well as the inherent "father/son working together" issues.
Show cars vs. road cars...Cory
Feb 9, 2004 8:57 PM
I worked for Hot Rod magazine when I got out of college in the '70s, and one of the biggest shocks of my life was seeing the quality of some big-name builders' cars. I did stories on Barris and Ed Roth, plus a lot of other people who were hot at the time, and the show cars are often just really slapped together, barely driveable, sometimes not driveable at all. I've only seen Coddington's stuff from a distance, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's exactly as you described. A lot of the people who commission those things don't plan to drive them, so there's very little thought to suspensions, brakes, whatever. Just the design of the classic street rod, with the big slicks in the back and the skinny little rims in front, tells you the thing's going to corner at 0.3g with massive understeer. Handling just isn't what they're looking for.