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Feb 2, 2004 7:29 AM
While in Portland and Seattle for two weeks for depositions, I felt totally lost without my buds here (yes, it's opposites day -- just kidding). Sat through two weeks of taking and defending depositions with some jerk lawyer representing a bank; you don't know what fun you are missing. Just imaging sitting across the table from our man czar in a contentious legal battle -- not so much the jerk part, sorry, but the contentiousness and argumentative part. Of course, having bantered here for a few years, I was well prepared.

The response I got from everyone local there about why they chose to live in the Pacific Northwest was "the outdoor activities." HUH? It rains almost every freaking day! It's flat out miserable. Sure, the trees are green and the air is clean, but it's always wet. Moss grows on the north and south side of everything. Riding a bike is really fun, too. I just love always having a stripe up my back and wet toes. Went to a local shop (River City Cycles, possibly the best shop in the country) and bought a Specialized Hardrock mountain bike to keep there. Man, what a deal. A darn decent bike for $259. Not raceable, but perfectly rideable for excercise and fun. Of course, I got it back to my brother's house before I saw the "made in China" sticker. That explains it.

I was about 99% out of touch of the news, since all my time was spent reading my case documents or working with witnesses. It's sort of a relief, actually. In fact, I'm seriously thinking of giving up news forever. Much less worry that way. Did catch Dean going nuts (being himself) on camera. I couldn't help but think that I fully expected that sort of self-destruction. Just a matter of time. He's done -- stick a fork in him.

Looks like the "French looking John Kerry" has some momentum. The Democrats have been begging for someone to rally around, and maybe he'll be the last guy standing in their musical chairs game. All I can think is that Gore probably had a better chance of beating Bush than Kerry.

I really hated being away from my 19 month old for two weeks. You really become attached to the little critters, don't you? I can't understand how military people do it for 6 months or longer at a time. That's got to be very tough.

Next one due here on February 18. No. 1 can't wait for No. 2, too. Should be interesting times at home after that.

Tried web cameras at home at in Portland, trying to use Yahoo Messenger to have live video with the little one. You could say it worked, but it's still fairly primitive technology even with broadband. Got up to about 3 frames per second, but only 1 way sound. Can't wait for this to really work.

Seems like the airlines have streamlined the strip search procedures now. Hardly takes any longer or is more invasive than before 9/11. At least in Fresno, Portland, and Seattle, you can whiz through easily with no need for those two hour prior arrivals they first had. No big deal at all.

Four rides in two weeks was pathetic, and one of those was a spin class for the first time. I stood out of the saddle spinning at 110 rpms for nearly an hour. I know damn well that that 85 pound spin instructor wasn't using any resistance, too. Cheater. No way she could keep up the chatter on her little wireless microphone thingey if she was doing even half the work I was. I just know it. Great heart/lung workout, but not very relevant to road riding, unless you are Lance Armstrong and spin 110 rpms out of the saddle climbing.

Traitor! Stop helping the terrorists!dr hoo
Feb 2, 2004 8:11 AM
I can't believe you would post about lax airline security on the internet. Don't you know there are EVIL people out there just WAITING for someone like you to give them soft target information? Sheesh! It's fuzzy headed liberals like you who led us to this situation in the first place!

Now, quit breaking the "never mention it again" rule.

BTW, full fenders plus a rain cape go a long way to keeping you dry when riding. The capes really work, though they do look goofy. And a little water never killed anyone anyway. Personally, I'd rather ride through rain than a central valley/Fresno summer day.
talking on the mic in spin class takes practiceColnagoFE
Feb 2, 2004 8:28 AM
You might be right about her not using resistance, but I can usually talk on the mic up to about 180bpm...after that I have to start choking out my words. You learn how to do it after a while through some breath control. Not as hard as it seems once you do it for a while.
When it comes to children, 1 + 1 is greater than 2. . .ms
Feb 2, 2004 3:36 PM
at least it feels that way when they are young. Good luck -- to all four of you.

BTW: I agree with you about Kerry's chances of beating Bush -- and I am a Democrat.
Disagree. (nm)czardonic
Feb 2, 2004 5:35 PM