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The Apprentice... women dominate men; get chastised by Trump(5 posts)

The Apprentice... women dominate men; get chastised by TrumpStarliner
Jan 30, 2004 10:28 AM
If this show is any indication of the real world, then we're in trouble. To recap its premise, eight women and eight men, all young professional-types, have gathered together in NYC to compete for a job position under Donald Trump. Trump divided them all into two groups - men vs. women - and each week has assigned a task, with the group completing the task the least successfully getting someone "fired" from the show.

The results after four tasks -- the women won them all. It's now down to eight women vs. four men. A nice ratio otherwise.

What taints their success, however, is the women's blatant and frequent use of sex as a way to gain an advantage. So much so, that in last night's episode Donald Trump saw fit to get them together in a room and gently confront them on the issue.

Applying what we are seeing in this show to the bigger picture of life, I have to ask how we as a society can punish men and the companies they work for those instances where a man uses his position of power as a lever to gain sexual favors from a female underling, yet we fail to assign any responsibility to women who use their sexual powers to gain access to position, wealth, and advancement.

This is an issue where I deviate from the left, who cling to the notion that women are victims, and must be given special protection. The falsity of this becomes evident by watching the judgements and actions of the women on the show.

So what to do? Should we pass laws against Sexual Enticement to counterbalance the Sexual Harassment statutes which for all intents and purposes exist to keep men under control? Or should we relax the SH statutes to a less suppressive level? In this regard, the playing field is tilted in favor of women, to their ultimate disadvantage.

I believe that women are never going to break through the "glass window" into areas of responsibility and power until there is a collective rejection of their victim status (and of men as the oppressor). Tilting the playing field in their favor at the lower levels ironically makes their upward journey more steep.
There are no rules about using sex as a weaponColnagoFE
Jan 30, 2004 11:15 AM
That said...selling shots in a bar is a huge advantage for a pretty woman. Most women sitting in bars that might be enticed by the men are probably getting their drinks paid for by their dates or prospective dates anyway. I thought the men's idea of giving a Spiff to the waiters who sold the most each hour was inventive--and even though there was a grey eithics area around the autographing of merchandise it was at least an attemtpt to think on their feet when they realized they were tanking. I just wanna see a contest one of these weeks where shaking your tail feather won't be so much of an issue. Next week they evidently go co-ed teams. That should make things more interesting.
by Trump and his female executivemohair_chair
Jan 30, 2004 1:18 PM
Trump only did part of the lecture. Carolyn, his executive something, did the rest, and rightly so.

If you think about it, Trump had to do it if he wants this show to be taken seriously. If one of the women wins the whole deal and becomes "President of one of Trump's companies," she's not going to be able to tie up her T-shirt at board meetings and get her way.

It's clear that the women aren't using their supposed business skills and techniques to accomplish their goals, and that's what the game is supposed to be about. The women have become too Machiavellian for their own good, to the point where none of them look anything like a candidate for an executive position.
I can think of an executive position I'd put a few of them in.No_sprint
Jan 30, 2004 1:22 PM
nice nmafrican
Jan 30, 2004 2:09 PM