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computer question.....part two(8 posts)

computer question.....part twoPaulCL
Jan 29, 2004 4:15 PM
Thanks for all the responses about formatting my computer and reinstalling Windows 98.

I formatted the harddrive. Easy enough. Then I rebooted. The screen asked for a boot CD. Got it. I put it in, the screen came up "HP Recovery CD". Going well. Then...the dreaded "error" message. Low and behold, I forgot that I had to put in a new motherboard a year or so ago. So now the HP-specific reboot CD won't work. It won't recognize my computer as an HP anymore. Am I screwed??? Where can I get a Windows 98 reboot CD??? Are they all computer maker specific?? Should I just ask around my office??

This sucks. These things never work easily do they??

Jan 29, 2004 4:52 PM
retail win98se discs usually end up going for 70-90 bucks. OEM discs may be had for less. but win2000 doesn't go for that much more.
two words: Linux. WINE.dr hoo
Jan 29, 2004 5:55 PM
Linux for an OS, then run WINE, which is a windows emulator that will allow you to run your windows software. That would be the free (as in beer) solution. It would also free you from the evil Micro$oft. Linux would run faster, but your windows programs probably won't, given that they will run in another program, and not right on your system.

E-bay is an option, but spending 70 on a retail disk might not be what you want to do. You can't use OEM restore disks from E-bay, since you can't use yours. If you can find a retail copy of win98 from someone, you can borrow and use that. That is not TECHNICALLY wrong, since you do own a copy and have the license to use it. Tell that to the jackboots when they break down your door.

Now, the question of how to make YOUR disks work goes beyond the scope of this message board (in other words, I have no idea how to do it). It's not something I have ever had to deal with. Sorry. I know what to do if you system does not work after putting a new MB in, but that won't help in this case. My only suggestion is to contact the manufacturer and ask what to do. Or find a message board that deals with HP support questions and ask there.

If you find out how to make it work, let me know. It's an interesting problem. There is probably a simple solution, but I sure don't know it.
put the old motherboard back in i suppose.rufus
Jan 29, 2004 6:32 PM
if he's still got it hanging around.
I would assume there was something wrong with it.dr hoo
Jan 30, 2004 4:01 AM
But maybe not.

Put the old MB in, restore computer, swap MBs, and that might work. There are things you can do if the simple swap does not work. This has some ideas, though I did not read them in detail:
Yup...the HD is deadPaulCL
Jan 30, 2004 8:37 AM
When I couldn't reinstall the Win98, just for fun I tried to install Windows95. I had all the proper disks for that. I figured that if my HD was OK, it would take the Win95 which I could later erase. When trying to install the Win95, an error message came up to the affect of "hd terminally corrupted" or something like that...

Oh well...time to spend a few bucks on a new HD. While I'm at it, I'll up the RAM. Maybe I'll just use the WinXP boot disk that came with my new Dell.

Thanks. Paul
That may not work eitherLive Steam
Jan 30, 2004 8:47 AM
The XP disk may look for identifying features from the computer's motherboard. You may have the same problem as you had with the 98 disk.

One possible work around would be to put the Dell HD with the OS already installed in your clone and put the new HD in the Dell and do a new install on it. You would have to replace hardware drivers to match the clone's, but it should work. When you boot the clone, use 'safe mode' and load basic drivers.
now you may really be running into work.rufus
Jan 30, 2004 12:42 PM
how old is this computer, and how big was the hard drive? there are limitations on hard drive size in both windows98 and the system bios of older computer. win98 may not support hard drives larger than 64GB. when you go to format, it will see the hard drive size minus 64GB as available to use. likewise, if the system bios is old enough, your system may not see any hard drive space beyond 8GB, depending how old it is.

i just went through all this stuff when adding a second hard drive to my pIII system from 1999. first i needed a bios update so my system bios would see the new hard drive. there is always the possibility of something going wrong during a bios update, rendering your motherboard useless. and then, i needed to download and copy over to my boot disk a new version of fdisk that would properly format the larger drive. everything seemed to go ok, except i'm experiencing freeze-ups when shutting down sometimes, which i'm attributing to the bios update. just thought you should know what you might run into.

have you tried re-formatting the hard drive again? boot from a floppy, and at the prompt, type in fdisk C:\s, which will format your hard drive and install system files needed to re-install the OS. and then try the win 95 install again.

not sure about running xp, which requires a lot of memory to work well. that said, if you need a new hard drive, Office Max has an 80GB western digital on sale for $20 after rebates, through tomorrow.