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"Secretive regimes that want to deceive..."(4 posts)

"Secretive regimes that want to deceive..."Dale Brigham
Jan 29, 2004 2:24 PM
"When you are dealing with secretive regimes that want to deceive, you're never going to be able to be positive" about intelligence, Rice told NBC on Thursday.

I'm just assuming Dr. Condi Rice is referring to the Bush Administration, right?

Dale (Just kidding with you, folks!)
You SURE you're kidding?OldEdScott
Jan 30, 2004 7:29 AM
Sounds right on to me!
"The smoking gun could be a mushroom cloud."Dale Brigham
Jan 30, 2004 8:34 AM
I'm not sure what the delectable Dr. Condi has been smoking (mushrooms?), but it just goes to show that every academe comes with a price tag, whether he or she hails from Stanford or Podunk U.

Hey, Ed, I'm thinking of voting for Edwards on Tuesday, just to keep him up on the radar (Kerry is polling at 45% in MO). If Kerry takes MO and SC on Tuesday, this race is over, IMHO.

Have a good weekend, Comrade!

Good man!OldEdScott
Jan 30, 2004 10:28 AM
You too. Have a Bourbon against the chill.