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Hey, OldEd, does this really happen?(2 posts)

Hey, OldEd, does this really happen?Cory
Jan 29, 2004 9:49 AM
Here's a letter I got from a reader this morning, edited in the interest of brevity:

"I had my first push poll telephone call last evening. I had heard of these, but never received one. The technique was used against John McCain in the last election. Callers asked voters if they would support McCain if they knew he had an illegitimate Asian child. In another contest, it was an illegitimate black child.
"My call began like a legitimate political poll. Several questions later, the caller asked if I would support Kerry if I knew he was going to raise taxes. The call was computer generated, so there was no way I could protest. Note that in South Carolina, nobody actually said McCain had an illegitimate child, and last evening, nobody said Kerry would raise taxes, but they planted the idea."

Shoot, all they ever ask me is if I'll send money for GWB. When I burst out laughing, they hang up.
Oh God yes. And they are brutally effective.OldEdScott
Jan 29, 2004 10:04 AM
Repubs have honed them to a fine art over the years. Abortion and taxes are the two topics most often used, but of course you can use anything sufficiently scary.

Unfortunately, after getting our asses whipped by the damn things too many times, our team now uses them too.