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Computer questionPaulCL
Jan 27, 2004 10:46 AM
After suffering through a multitude of problems with my 4 year old Windows 98 computer, I'm planning on formatting the harddrive and reinstalling the operating system. But a few questions for the knowledgeable among you...

1. Any trick to this other than typing "format c:" at the dos prompt??
2. After formatting, how do I direct the computer to read my "E" drive - the CD rom drive??
3. I just bought a new computer with Windows XP. The old computer (the one I'm talking about) only has 64mb RAM. Can I install WinXP instead of Win98??

4. If I need to install more RAM in the old computer, how do I determine what type of RAM is used???

Any input would be appreciated to this computer semi-literate individual.

re: Computer questionmohair_chair
Jan 27, 2004 11:32 AM
1. If you really want to format the drive, there are no tricks. If you just want to erase everything, you can add the /Q switch.

2. Booting from the CD should be a BIOS setting. When you first start up the machine, you should see a message that says press F2 or something to change the BIOS or CMOS settings. One option should be the default boot drive, and you can choose CD. But there is usually a boot order, so CD may already be in the list. Save yourself some work and try to boot from the CD before changing anything.

3. I'm sure it says on the box somewhere what XP requires. I don't think 64MB is going to cut it. It may work, in fact it should work, but it's probably going to be pretty slow. From Win98 to NT/XP is a big jump in system requirements. Make sure you can get XP drivers for any funky hardware you have before you install it.

4. The best way is to look in your manual or check with the manufacturers website. The chips may be stamped with ID information, too. Otherwise, you can pull one out and take it down to the store and let them figure it out.
mohair_chair has good info. Additional:dr hoo
Jan 27, 2004 11:49 AM
1: if you have your original disks, you may not have an actual win98 OS disk. The cd you have might be a manufacturer specific "restore" disk. If so, follow the instructions for that and it will turn the HD back to the original condition.

2: bios/cmos settings. Boot order is pretty simple to find. Don't change any other settings just to see what they do :-)

3: winXP has an activation code, so you will have some *cough* issues if you try to run it on 2 systems at once. There are ways to do it, but they are illegal and I won't help you break the law *cough google cough*. In any case, 64 will freakin' choke to death on XP. I won't run XP on less than 512. It will barely run on 128, and 256 is about the minimum for useful system operation. I don't see much point in running XP on older systems myself, keep it 98 and use your old softward.

4: go to your manufacturers site, look up your model, and find the specs which will most likely be in adobe format. It should have a section on "upgrading your hardware" or something like that. There will be a picture of your motherboard, showing how many slots and what type of memory. or other after market websites will let you do a similar thing, but won't have the nice pictures and step by step instructions.
Thanks for the input. (nm)PaulCL
Jan 27, 2004 12:56 PM
Please, no flames, but...mdehner
Jan 27, 2004 12:36 PM
this would be a good time to switch from IE and OE to Mozilla 1.6 for your web browsing and mail/newsgroup needs.