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Another reminder.............(3 posts)

Another reminder.............Len J
Jan 23, 2004 7:52 AM
not to take for granted that there is always enough time left to say or do those thigs we put off, you know the important things.

A Neighbor, a vivacious, vibrant 50 year old woman, who spent all of her time working for worthwile causes, (Head of Hospice volunteers, various charitible boards etc.) who was incredibly disciplined about taking care of herself, ate right, exercised etc, was found collapsed in the exercise center at the developement a few days age. Turned out she had a massive brain Hemmorage. I just got the call that they took her off life support and let her go.

No warnings,
Nothing they could have done,
Her husband just kept saying, I thought we had time.

I think I'll call my kids and take my wife to lunch.

I totally agree; don't sweat the small stuff but128
Jan 23, 2004 8:53 AM
I hate when people use that to mitigate the importance of everday little troubles.

"Dam! Some jughead scratched the car"
"Well, you still have your health."
"Huh? Well, yeah. But right here, see the scratch?"

Sorry for her though. That sounds awful.
My sister-in-law:Dave_Stohler
Jan 23, 2004 11:46 PM
She was the picture of health: she ran every day, coached girl's track at her school, played raquetball, even kept up with me on a ride once when she visited (me on my 19 lb road bike, her on a 30 lb hybrid). She taught in a rough borough of NYC city schools, and still had time to teach a saturday class at CUNY. She was working toward her PhD, hoping to become a principal. Last march she dropped dead at age 47, brain hemmorage. No warning. Just closed on her first house 5 days before, too.

The worst part was the way people acted like vultures after she died. No will, and everybody was trying to grab as much of her wealth as they could.

Len, after you have lunch call your attorney. Make sure your will is in order.