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Why wait 'till 2014? Try this Outline Heir's SoFtU speech:(7 posts)

Why wait 'till 2014? Try this Outline Heir's SoFtU speech:128
Jan 20, 2004 9:07 AM
and tomortrow we'll compare notes. Those with advance copies (operatives, wire taps, etc) ok, but don't give it all up.
I'm terrible at this sort of thing, so here goes:

A-These are good times
-"the axis of evil is now but a folcrum. Yip, one down, too two go and be gone with, ehh."

-"taxes are cut, so that's why we're out of the resession. That's a good thing. I like that kind of good thing when things are good and the economy, it's good. Strong. The economy. Strong, is the economy. Better. Tax cuts permanant. K?"

B. Times are bad, notwithstanding they're good.
-But we caught the evil tri-angulator. Now, he's in r custidy, and we'll bring him off, er, on to justice. He was against us. So it's good he's bad now that we have Mr. Saddam and his folks are freer, better off without weapons of humanitarian opression which we found everywhere, and with weapons grade compassion, which we already knew we had.

-So now: children, we're gonna give every child a chance to visit Mars for egication. And NASA will bring them there. Into space, we will send our children into space. God bless Tony Bl er, Godbless Amerca.

Democrat respopnse:
George you ignorant assfaced slut:
I protest this post!!!!!!! Ding, ding, ding!!!!!!! Hello!!!!Live Steam
Jan 20, 2004 9:41 AM
This post is deriding our sitting President! I think it's in bad taste. How could he be a credible poster here on RBR if he is going to make snide remarks about an elected official. I am appalled!!!!!

Sorry 128 I just needed to make a point. You can post like this any time you feel the need to. I respect your right to do so. As long as it's in good taste of course, and you don't use the word Nazi! :O)
You make george sound like a TOTAL fool......MR_GRUMPY
Jan 20, 2004 11:01 AM
I'm sure that he has an IQ of at least 90.
If you 5 tell each other all the same stuff enoughNo_sprint
Jan 20, 2004 11:15 AM
you all might convince yourself of something, something meaningless to the rest of the world and in reality, but something...
Seriously: Outline the speech. For fun.My parody is non-partisan128
Jan 20, 2004 11:43 AM
hyperbole. You take ribbibng the Pres. too serioulsy, unless it's a Pres. you personally don't like. I don't hate any of um, really. Why bother?

Sans lame humor, my ouline means to say:
I anticipate he will jerk off over the economy, pat himself on Rove's back for the tax plan, confuse 9/11 and Iraq again, then throw a sop to children and NASA.

Okay? Mr. Sensitive? Happy now.

And for the record:
-There is PLENTY on both sides of the isle to be critical of. (you should try it sometime)
-I am vocally appaled with THIS administration.
-You're about as funny as a fart in a space suit.

Thin. It ain't illegal yet.
I really wasn't referring to you and I didn't read your post. nmNo_sprint
Jan 20, 2004 11:53 AM
Maybe if you can get your bestest little friendBottomBracketShell
Jan 20, 2004 11:48 AM
bill105's nose out of the paint thinner you two and Live Steam can have a 3 way. You'll never get 5 to talk you you here, have you noticed? LOL!! Good stuff!!!