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Has the Dean campaign collapsed? If so, who(13 posts)

Has the Dean campaign collapsed? If so, whoOldEdScott
Jan 16, 2004 7:28 AM
steps up to frontrunner status?

Remember, New Hampshire is next, and then we turn South.
Jan 16, 2004 8:07 AM
He has mike moore's support ;) Have you seen Moore's letter endorsing Clark? It's a trip.
Oh, please let it be Clarklandru
Jan 16, 2004 8:18 AM
He has this fairly conservative, pro-environmentalist, middle aged white guy vote. please please please let it be Clark.
Oh, please let it be Clarkbill105
Jan 16, 2004 9:30 AM
if its clark and he loses, you will have him as the vp and hitlery as the pres candidate in 2008.
Thanks, Bill. I needed cheering up. But explain ....Cory
Jan 16, 2004 11:44 AM
...that "Hitlery" thing you keep doing. It just doesn't seem to make sense. To me, at least, it implies a police state, security-crazed, government-uber-alles, hypernationalistic leadership. As I sit here with the NSA reviewing my travel and credit records, the airport security squad searching my carry-on for an almanac ("useful in planning terrorist activities") and the government scanning my e-mail and phone calls for "suspicious" phrases, I can't help recalling that this intrusion into my privacy is happening under, well, uh, Bush.
All Conservatives know Hillary is a Communist. And. . .czardonic
Jan 16, 2004 11:53 AM
. . .all Conservatives know that "Communist" and "Nazi" are interchangeble terms. Duh.
Thanks, Bill. I needed cheering up. But explain ....bill105
Jan 16, 2004 12:05 PM
She has an enormous drive for power and is the most insincere, cold and manipulating person I can think of. In my opinion, shes a socialist. I guess all the things you complain about in your post would be ok if someone you voted for implemented them. I doubt the government cares too much though about a columnist in Reno, otherwise you would have met some new friends. As for your last sentence you know what conservatives say, "if you dont have anything to hide you wont mind a little intrusion". after all, wheres your "focus on the common good?".
What do Gestapo, KGB and SAVIK have in common?BottomBracketShell
Jan 16, 2004 12:10 PM
"If you dont have anything to hide you wont mind a little intrusion".

They'll take your inhalants away, bill.
LOL! What did I tell you? Hitlery is a "socialist". (nm)czardonic
Jan 16, 2004 12:14 PM
It takes a village idiot ... nmBottomBracketShell
Jan 16, 2004 12:26 PM
Dude, I'm sure happy you guys are protecting my freedomshawndoggy
Jan 16, 2004 3:03 PM
by intruding on it. If the government just left us alone and kept from prying in my personal business who knows what I'd be capable of.

Or, ponder this:

If terrorists' goal is really "to take away our freedom," AND

We adopt laws (Patriot Act/Boxcutter shakedown) which limit traditionally "American" freedoms in order to counteract terrorists, THEN

Haven't the terrorists won?

Or should I just shut up and go max out my credit card at Disneyland?
The terrorists didn't win. We "beat" them to it. (nm)czardonic
Jan 16, 2004 3:05 PM
Jan 16, 2004 10:22 AM
Dean is the outsider who has gotten this far in spite of the Democratic party brass. No matter what happens in Iowa, it's NH which will determine whether his boat floats or sinks. And if he wins NH, then he's on his way.