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The Apprentice - anyone see it on TV last nite?(1 post)

The Apprentice - anyone see it on TV last nite?Starliner
Jan 9, 2004 10:00 AM
As a Survivor fan, I watched Mr. Burnett's new show with a curious interest and enjoyed it very much. A similar format to Survivor, except that the factor of environmental constraints and isolation has been replaced by a real world, corporate environment in New York City. And replacing Jeff Probst as the moderator is none other than Donald Trump, who will end each episode by firing one of the contestants.

I liked that the two groups were divided along gender lines. It's fun for me to watch how group dynamics differ between sexes, given the different situations at hand.

Last night's lesson was that sex will sell anything. And the women overtly used it to their advantage, while the men were totally outmatched. Hmmm, a power imbalance in favor of women..... that's not supposed to exist in business, or so they say.... could it be that the purported existence of the "glass ceiling" is somehow connected to this?

Well, I guess we'll just have to tune in again to see what happens.