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Anyone watch "The Apprentice"?(17 posts)

Anyone watch "The Apprentice"?ColnagoFE
Jan 9, 2004 9:40 AM
I'll admit to it. It was a guilty pleasure last night. Hated Trumps apt and obviously the model-girlfriend is only there for the $, but the show managed to entertain me despite the overdramatic music and the plugs for Trump.
Jan 9, 2004 10:05 AM
Man, that apartment was a sickening rococo palace. It's like what happens when people devoid of culture suddenly come into a lot of money and start buying wierd art and putting up statues in their front yards. Hire a decorator! I found it repulsive, and I'm glad it wasn't me that had to stand there and say "wow, this is soooo beautiful."

As for the show, I enjoyed it. I loved the part where the guy is rationalizing why he spent 20 minutes on an absurd quest to get a guy to pay $1000 for lemonade, and Trump's left-hand woman asks him why he bothered and wasn't it a waste of 20 minutes? He said something about how it was risky but it could have happened. "But you weren't selling lemonade," she replies. Zing! The perfect comment that says, in a professional way, "not only was that stupid and a waste of time, but it cost you money." Man, I love smart women.
Jan 9, 2004 10:32 AM
That was a great zinger. There were several "in your face" zingers throughout the show. This is reality TV at its finest.

Sam's idea to offer a glass of lemonade for $1K was not necessarily bad - he just spent too long for nothing. He had a good sales pitch, and he had people interested. He just failed to go another step to find a price level that would have closed the deal.

He should have at some point asked the customer what would they pay right then and now - $500? $100? $50? Even a $10 sale would have been much more than what the other guys were asking (and more than what the sex-laced sales techniques were getting the women).
Jan 9, 2004 10:54 AM
He had people interested only in the absurdity of his request coupled with a TV camera crew. No one was going to buy a glass of lemonade for $1000 or $500 or $100. But you are right, he should have driven the deal to find the right price point. No one is going to take you seriously if you start at $1000. He should have started at $50 and targeted $10-20. I'm sure he could have sold some at $20 to some fat cats who just wanted to be on TV. He also should have done package deals like $20 for two glasses for a couple.

One thing I really liked about the show is that unlike Survivor, which I have seen but very rarely watch, Trump and his people make the decision about kicking people out, and they discuss it probably in the same way as they really do with prospective executives. And also unlike survivor, at least on the first show, it's not so much personality, scheming, and backstabbing that will get you canned, it's performance. On Survivor, Sam would have been out by unanimous choice. But Trump kept him and tossed out the passionless guy.
probably also why they got the cart and free cups (nm)ColnagoFE
Jan 9, 2004 11:07 AM
Jan 9, 2004 11:48 AM
Whell, yeah. The TV angle was Sam's pitch, and the absurd price grabbed attention. Sam's problem was that he believed somebody would bite at the highball price rather than moving them onto a more saleable (but still generous) price point. Just like how those cheesy late night TV commercials sell those dicing/slicing/chopping machines - first a whiz-bang pitch of the product, then price is mentioned, starting high until dropping down a few levels to the final, would-you-believe-it price.

The guys badly needed an angle of some sort.

Those differences with Survivor will be interesting. I think however Trump having sole power to decide who gets axed will make it more predictable. I would have axed the same guy too, based on what the show let us see about them all. In his case, there were indications that he was not somebody I'd keep around - his pitiful attempts at trying to force a sale indicated to me that he critically lacked social skill. And his arrogant parting statement confirmed what I thought about him when he said, "well at least I know that I have a higher IQ than all the rest of them..."
For about two minutes, when I realized128
Jan 9, 2004 10:22 AM
I wasn't watching the show, I was all: "I don't understand which way Mr. Trump's hair goes." Couldn't get past it.

I could never negotiate w Trump. I would only stare and wonder why he twirls his hair around like that, and where does it go after it comes from where it looks like it should have been. Then he would take my stuff.
Darn, missed it, didn't record it,No_sprint
Jan 9, 2004 11:07 AM
actually I'd never even heard of it til just now.

Does anyone know if they'll air the thing again?
I've been too busy watching the dem implosionNo_sprint
Jan 9, 2004 11:09 AM
and enjoying it. It's downright hilarious. There are too many Dean retractions to count!
first episode repeats Saturday at 9pm NBC nmmohair_chair
Jan 9, 2004 11:12 AM
Thanks! I'll PVR it! nmNo_sprint
Jan 9, 2004 11:14 AM
In case you just want to read what happenedColnagoFE
Jan 9, 2004 11:21 AM

Also sign up for the car drawing!
I was busy getting indoctrinated by Fox News ...HouseMoney
Jan 9, 2004 12:29 PM
Can't bring myself to watch any of the reality shows.
yes, but a bit disappointedDougSloan
Jan 9, 2004 12:43 PM
It's not what I expected. Also, the editing of the footage made it appear that all the women were snippy, emotional, and shallow, and led you to believe the men were working hard and winning hands down. The only hint of the women selling anything was the combination lemonade and kiss approach. Then, they reveal at the end that the women made 4x what the men did. It left me thinking, HUH?, what was all that I just saw?

My wife and I can't get passed Trump's hair, either. Also, he appeared to be scripted, and only in it as sort of a cameo, not a real participant.

The participants did not impress me as genius MBA types. These people will be running our nation's corporations? They were dorks!

I got no more use for this guy.

did you see the same show?Starliner
Jan 9, 2004 2:16 PM
Of course you did, but we saw things differently. I disagree on your judgement that editing made all the women look bad and the men good. In fact, a few women, most notably the black political aide, were highlighted rather positively. The women's group sessions appeared more disorganized with everybody talking over each other while the men appeared to take a more organized systematic approach - are you saying that was due to editing or would you accept that in fact that was just the way things worked out? What I saw was the women stumbled at the beginning, then eventually found themselves and when they figured out a winning sales formula (sex), they surged. I mean they were selling at $4-5 a pop while the men were begging for customers at $1 a shot. I thought it was clear way before the board meeting that the men squandered their early success at planning and setup with poor choices later on -lousy location, low prices, and desperate and ineffective sales techniques (if you remember, even the men tried to utilize sex as a sales tool by trying to recruit female passersby to help them). My surprise was seeing the big wads of money the men had when they finished - but that's where the Mark Burnett selective editing techniques come in to play - to set up the viewer to be surprised later on, and you apparently got suckered into it. Hence the boardroom surprise for you.

I would consider agreeing that these people are dorks, or at least chumps. While the winner of Survivor walks away with $1 million cash, the winner of this show has to put up working for Trump for one whole year in return for $250,000 -
agree somewhatColnagoFE
Jan 9, 2004 2:16 PM
Though I had no expectations of this being a good show going in so I guess it exceeded me expectations. The editing was a bit disingenuous for sure, but whattya expect. I actually guessed that they were trying to throw us off the track by making the women appear to be so inept from the start. The music was a bit over the top as well--but all in all I have to say it was kinda fun watching the MBA weenies and boot lickers squirm! ;)
That's not editing53T
Jan 10, 2004 2:41 PM
The girls were inept, and they made more money. As Howard Stern likes to say, "There is nothing more important in this world than being a hot chick."