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Charging more for larger sizes. A new thing?(4 posts)

Charging more for larger sizes. A new thing?chopper
Jan 9, 2004 9:21 AM
Recently I've had to pay more money for larger size clothes. I don't remember ever doing this in the US. In Europe its fairly common. Has anyone else come across this or is it more specific to certain types of clothes?

For xmas I bought an NFL jersey for a very big kid - it was a XXL and it cost $65 as opposed to $55 for the XL. This is the first time I've ever bought NFL gear so this may be a normal thing. Yesterday I went to REI to buy a ski jacket and the LT, which is a Large-Tall, cost $20 more than a Large. All the sizes above it were $20 more. I'm 6'4 and 185 lbs so I'm not that big. Perhaps this is unique in ski clothing as I haven't seen it anywhere else but this will get annoying real fast if I see it more.

Of course, the small wasn't any cheaper than the large.
Always paid a couple bucks more for a tall.Alex-in-Evanston
Jan 9, 2004 9:30 AM
At Eddie Bauer, a XXL is regular price, but a Medium Tall is $5 more. Go figure.

Nothing newDave_Stohler
Jan 9, 2004 8:49 PM
I wear tall sizes (42 tall in a suit, usuallt LT in other jackets, shirts, etc.). Tall sportcoats are always more expensive. I bought an LL Bean "Warden's Parka" some 10 years ago, and it cost $30 more than the regular sizes.
XXLs and Talls cost more for the last 20 years or so..Cory
Jan 12, 2004 9:30 AM
I don't remember paying more for Talls when I was in college (maybe because they weren't widely available in the '70s), but certainly for the last couple of decades it's been common. Lands End and Eddie Bauer were the first I remember imposing a surcharge, but that's probably because I used to buy most of my clothes there. My 5'1" wife doesn't get a break on the petites, though.