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The Power Of Hate…(4 posts)

The Power Of Hate…Noam
Jan 3, 2004 5:37 AM
Golda Meir, the first female prime minister of Israel once said, "There will not be peace in the Middle-East as long as the Arab people hate us (Israeli's) more than they love their children." At times it becomes patent enough to see this statement as true, according to the recent occurrences reiterating the intensity of the Arab-Israel Conflict that has been going on for as long as I can remember. As a Jewish teenager, very interested in politics and the state of my home land, where all of my relatives reside, the recent Earth-quake in Iran has given light as to how true Golda Meir's statement is. Knowing that Iran is placed number one the list of threats to the safety of Israel, the recent Earthquake has divided many Jews and Israeli's across the world. Two moral dilemmas are fore grounded. One being, should we be happy that the largest threat to our existence, has been hit with the worst possible natural disaster? The second being, why, in the name of human life, do the Iranian people refuse to use Israel as aid? Israel has offered its assistance in the search for any survivors, but has been refused involvement. Israel, being the closest country to Iran, the best equipped for such a task and the most experienced have been denied the chance to help save human lives, to help prove that when it comes to human-life, to morality and to humanity, we are willing, and fervently able to help our most lethal threat. It has also been known that despite Iran's refusal, Israel has managed to send aid through a secretive, third party, just restating Israel's eagerness to help. That is what Golda Meir was talking about, in modern terms it could be said that she "hit the hammer on the head" and made a statement that would be able to be connected to a realistic and recent occurrence. Knowing that the USA has sent aid troops to Iran, in exchange for the hope of some negotiations concerning the Nuclear Armaments in Iran and the opportunity for inspections to be made as to the amount of armaments said to be stored in Iran. Israel is not asking for anything in return for the aid that has been offered, it is not asking bluntly, for the Iranian people to stop hating us, stop planning attacks on us, stop threatening us. The only thing Israel asks, is to help, to do what we can for humanity, because we didn't turn a blind eye on Iran, we know the damage caused and the estimated death toll, and we're willing to help. However, Iran's abhorrence and hate for Israel is stronger than their desire to find survivors, more deep-seated than the love of their own people, and will refuse any aid. Golda Meir, in plain terms was truly accurate; maybe peace in the Middle East can be obtained if the power of love was stronger than the power of hate.

By my daughter, Rebecca
Very well put.purplepaul
Jan 3, 2004 4:39 PM
It does seem like it should be clear enough to those who are hostile to Israel and Western ways, including those in the West, just which side values life and peace over death and hatred.

Instead of trying to undermine Israel, perhaps a little criticism of Islam and Arab's backwards and self-destructive ways is in order.

After all, how can negotiations and reasoning take place with those who are incapable of acting in their own interests, and instead prefer to die giving their enemy a black eye?

And how can Israel give freedoms to people who use that freedom in bad faith and to kill Israelis?

Furthermore, why do so many take the side that says explicitly that they "hate" Jews, doesn't allow basic freedoms to their own people and kills those who cannot or will not "believe"? I mean, what's to love? What's to support? Why would anyone want a culture like that to succeed?

Sure, I understand feeling compassion and pity for the individuals subjected to such a life. But I don't want them to spread their misery beyond their own borders. Rather, I'd hope they become more tolerant of those who don't think like them and, at a minimum, not openly express their hatred for other religious groups.
re: The Power Of Hate…tmotz
Jan 4, 2004 8:41 AM
Your daughter Rebecca is a smart young lady.
I only hope my children turn out to be as compassionate as her.
I do understand logic and humanity don't mix well.
Your daughter is wise, but..........Len J
Jan 4, 2004 4:41 PM
clearly is unable to see that hate exists on both sides of this issue. This is written from the perspective that the Arab's are at fault and Isreal is the victim. I think a clear look at the history would show that neither side is fully at fault nor is either side blameless in the continued escalation.

Until the extremists minorities on both sides of this issue are overwhelmed by the rational majority, progress will be fleeting.As your daughters last sentance says "maybe peace in the Middle East can be obtained if the power of love was stronger than the power of hate. " this goes for both sides. Keep up the great effort of raising a balanced, aware child of the world.