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GF/SO were you friends first or did you start off dating?(3 posts)

GF/SO were you friends first or did you start off dating?jrm
Dec 29, 2003 7:28 AM
Which is better? any good stories? Im finding myself in this situation with a co-worker i've worked with for 3 years. And yes its the "the guys im sttracted to are either gay or gay and dont know it" gal.
Dec 29, 2003 1:41 PM
well well, good question.

Ahh Dating. I have recently started dating again myself. However, being the social inquisitive animal that I am I have deliberated this question with many. In short, if the attraction you exchange between you and this person is MORE then just sexual, I have found that rate of success is much higher after having been friends. Almost 100% of the time relationships with more foundation that are not limited to sexual prowess and bad timing will have a better return then impulsive or love at first sight/meet.

Co-worker situations can be as much fun as problematic though. But I suppose you can say that about anything :P You have in your favor though the fact that you know about her history a little and her behavoir and she could be attracted to worse guys then closet homosexuals. I have found after meeting and dating some of my past girlfriends if I had known a little more about her past emotional/relationships I would have hit EJECT EJECT EJECT!

That's what makes dating fun. Dating you get to create the boundaries and its exciting and impulsive and novel. Also no real issues with rejection if it doesn't work out since you don't invest alot in just dating other then time and a little money perhaps on occassion

Summary : My best relationships occurred when I was friends first BUT it would be stupid to limit yourself or have preconceived ideas about love before you even entertain it with someone new. Just make sure you have fun :P
now see here, twinkletoesStarliner
Dec 29, 2003 7:20 PM
Let's stop beating around the bush - what do you really want to do with her? Who cares what we think- I can testify that both strategies have pluses and minuses. Situations change in life. Now with some I prefer being friends, with others I want it all right now.

I think with her you want it all right now. No?