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what I got the GF and other my life(1 post)

what I got the GF and other my lifeafrican
Dec 19, 2003 9:08 AM
Ok, thanks for the input on some issues I have posted about here lately.

Anyway, the GF gets an Ironman watch by timex, (her other one the strap broke, so she gets a whole new one), a pair of oakley sunglasses for running, she has wanted sunglasses for a while and I actually remembered this and got some, an amber/silver necklace that looks really cool and funky. This is a major break through from the guy that got her nothing last year and nothing for her B'day this year. Maybe the queer eye show is helping some of us batchelors.

The tennant eventually paid the Nov rent a week ago. Now I just have to get Dec from him, if it does not arrive today he gets another threatening letter. I thought he was going to move out but my sister who lived near by says she saw him moving a Xmas tree in.

I have a warehouse for my business with an apartment and the tennant/friend who lives in the apartment got on my computer and looked at porn, (ok I do too but...) now my computer does not work as well and I have lots of pop ups and it just makes me mad.

The room mate, ah well I had a chat to him and his GF one night at 2am when the woke me up. I told them that I had had enough of getting woken up late at night by them. Anyway things are better in that department. His GF has 3 kids by 2 fathers (one of another race). The 2 older kids 15 F and 17 M are off in juvenile something or other. Her best friend tells me she has not paid her rent for 2 months and the landlord is going to sell the house, her landlord for her studio/business is evicting her (same reason). And my mate wants to marry her!!! oh my gosh....

By the way my GF is very nice and has her sh@#t together. She buys me bike stuff whooooo hoooooo.

My Dad retired, I run the family business and my own, hence less time to post podium girls owwww it is Friday....

C ya.