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RBR FESTIVUS celebration. 'I got a LOT of problems(31 posts)

RBR FESTIVUS celebration. 'I got a LOT of problemsOldEdScott
Dec 17, 2003 11:48 AM
with you people!'

Doug and I stumbled on the idea of an RBR Festivus celebration in a leftover thread way below that most of you probably never saw.

Here's what Doug wrote:

DougSloan "ok, kids, let's play nice" 12/15/03 10:22am

This from the funniest Seinfeld episode ever, IMHO.

Who's up for it? The Airing of Grievances alone should be worth the price of admission!
FEATS OF STRENGTH!!!!!!!!! nmsn69
Dec 17, 2003 11:59 AM
This will be the best RBR Festivus ever!Dale Brigham
Dec 17, 2003 12:00 PM
OK, if Doug is the head of the family, how do we (virtually) pin him, and who gets to go first?

Personally, I have nothing better to do on the 23rd.

I'll bring the metal pole (nm)Dwayne Barry
Dec 17, 2003 12:08 PM
Aluminum. High strength-to-weight ratio.OldEdScott
Dec 17, 2003 12:13 PM
We find tinsel very distracting.
Carbon fiber? Fine steel? nmBrooks
Dec 18, 2003 10:16 AM
"Serenity now! Serenity now!" nmDave Hickey
Dec 17, 2003 12:13 PM
We're on!DougSloan
Dec 17, 2003 2:45 PM
Ok, no "airing of grievances" before Festivus begins. We never would do that, would we?

Someone should volunteer to take a photo of an aluminum pole and post it in a new thread on the day before Festivus, that is, December 22. It will then be ready for the holidy. If you find one but have trouble posting it, let me know.

On Festivus, we'll have a threads airing greivances with one another. It may be difficult coming up with something new.

As for the "Feats of Strength," I don't know what to do. I'm certainly not the "head of the family," as I'm not nearly senior enough (as I said elsewhere, I'm not Oz, but more like a "flying monkey.")

I nominate OldEd, unless someone else is older and would volunteer. Not sure how the "pinning" takes place. It would make sense for it to be either a cycling contest or a computer/internet contest, or maybe both combined. I think we should leave it up to him to design a contest. However, I think the contest should be open to anyone, not just one person he selects (who may "have something better to do.").

Whaddya think?

Congratulations, a donation has been made in your name.funknuggets
Dec 17, 2003 3:21 PM
I will bring the donations to the "People's Fund", and since it IS the season of giving, I will also bring the bagels.


As Cory says, I'm just a poseurOldEdScott
Dec 18, 2003 6:07 AM
when it comes to age. He's much, much older than me. I think a couple of others here are too.

Regardless, I can't be the 'head of the family' since my attendance that day may be spotty. I have a long-shot Senate candidacy (hearing footsteps, Jim Bunning?)we're going to announce Jan 2, and we're trying to get a meeting set up for that afternoon. (But since it's a longshot Dumocrat candidacy we're talking about, maybe that doesn't count as 'something better to do,' eh?)

Sorry, Doug, but I think Moderator is as close to head of family as we'll get here.
Yes, Doug is the Head o' Family -- Let's pin him on the 23rd. nmDale Brigham
Dec 18, 2003 6:23 AM
Feats of strength can only be one thing...Marketing Dept
Dec 19, 2003 12:43 PM
You must be able to post a better TT than AarronToy!
Dec 19, 2003 1:28 PM
Well, does down hill count? That's the only way I'll ever do a 3 mile 31 mph TT.
I feel honored...PEDDLFOOT
Dec 20, 2003 12:30 PM have the Great One refer to a past reply of mine.For it was me that refered to you as tha All Powerful Oz!!Thank you.By the way I've seen a few pictures of you posted and your'e right.You are more like a flying monkey!!!!!!!! :-)
will there be burgoo? nmmohair_chair
Dec 17, 2003 4:56 PM
So that's where the roadkill has been goingPaulCL
Dec 18, 2003 11:24 AM
Burgoo...good stuff. I'll go kill a few 'coons, skunks, and other critters. I'll skin'em, boilem den tro'um in a pot wid some veggies and taters for cookin. mmmm mmmm mmmm gooooood ole burgoo. Yummy.

Actually, great stuff. A native KY dish.
Paul, I gotta sayOldEdScott
Dec 18, 2003 11:30 AM
that's the WORST rendering of Kentucky dialect I've ever seen in print. Sounds like Tony Soprano on acid in New Orleans.

Veggies? Yummy?

You need to get out in the sticks more, my man!
OK, you're rightPaulCL
Dec 18, 2003 12:45 PM
After reading over my message, it kind of has a cajun lilt to it. Either way, not KY enough. So sorry....I'll go ride in the snow in the sticks this weekend. I'll stop at the first trailer I come to and ask if I can just "observe and listen" for a while. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll have a pot of burgoo on the propane burner.
The Festivus Pole!DougSloan
Dec 19, 2003 7:42 AM
This may be a little too fancy, but it is an aluminum pole, as specified. Unless someone comes up with something better, this might have to do.

"Airing of Grievances"DougSloan
Dec 19, 2003 7:55 AM
On Festivus, everyone can air grievances about one another. The gloves are off -- you get to make what might ordinarly be described as "personal attacks". Tell someone how they have disappointed you in the last year. Just keep it clean (e.g., just calling someone an a$$hole isn't getting in the spirit of things).

This is ONLY on the day of Festivus (December 23).

HA HA HA HA HA! Now thisOldEdScott
Dec 19, 2003 10:02 AM
should be interesting!
"Feats of Strength"DougSloan
Dec 19, 2003 10:11 AM
Since we can't physically wrestle, not even ride together, we have to come up with a virtual Feats of Strength contest. The idea is to "pin the head of the family." Seems like I get stuck with the designation by virtue of Moderator status, certainly not age or respect, so here goes...

Here is the contest. To "Pin the Head of the Family," one must come up with a cycling related question that I cannot answer. However, the answer must be available somewhere on the internet. You ultimately must be able to reveal the answer on the internet. Up to 10 people can try, with the first 10 having entry, unless someone withdraws and is replaced. I can't spend every waking minute on this... If I cannot answer the question correctly, and you prove the answer on the internet (WWW), then I'm "pinned," and you have succeeded in your feats of strength.

How's that sound?

I say BAH!dr hoo
Dec 19, 2003 11:32 AM
Strength is not knowledge!

I propose people go out and DO something that would qualify as a feat of strength, then post pictures. Preferably something stupid. Hoisting a keg of beer overhead, or ripping a phone book in half... something like that. Then YOU have to replicate/top the feat or be "pinned".

Here, like this:

---------------- look at the top pic.

Go ride it, I DARE you! Just off Kingsbury Grade towards Spooner on the TRT, about 2.5 miles in, and if you ride it now (under snow I assume) I will bow down! Or ride something BIGGER without the snow. I'll accept that too.


Ok, the trivia contest would *work* better, but it doesn't seem to be in the spirit of Festivus. It's just not primal enough.
while I'd love toDougSloan
Dec 19, 2003 1:27 PM
Don't know how I could pull that off. BTW, I do some pretty tough mtb trails around here. Ever hear of the Shuteye climb from Bass Lake? 5,000 foot elevation climb (yes, on a mtb) with some extremely rocky sections, much like that picture. Ends at a forest lookout tower at 8,300 feet. Would I need to do *that* on the 23rd?

I could ride up a 15% grade on my fixed gear...

Remember, you have to do it, too!

please, your LANGUAGE!dr hoo
Dec 19, 2003 2:50 PM
What's with all this "climb" and "ride up" stuff? You're talking to a flatlander AND clydesdale. In the immortal words of a friend of mine "Speed is my friend, but Granny is my lover". I don't even want to WALK up a 15% grade!

Off road, at altitude, mid season, I can usually do about 2000' of offroad singletrack climbing, max, without exploding. 1000' is fun, 2000' hurts. I love to ride, but I am not built so that it is *easy*. Not many ex-heavyweight wrestlers are built for cycling. So I would have to give you the "climbing" feat, and take victory in the "technical downhill" feat... were this Festivus.

I WILL throw down in a road sprint. So long as it's a flat approach. But I don't know how that could be done on the net.

I do think there might be some interesting pictures of "feats" posted. Even without photoshop.

BTW, I doubt I would ride that pictured section of the TRT more than 3 out of 10 times, as I am usually cautious about anything deadly. On that particular day I felt good, and pretty much everything flowed smoothly. I surprised myself, and my wife who did not expect me to RIDE it all the way. She still got a good shot.

The next year I didn't even THINK about riding it.
I know shuteyegeorge_da_trog
Dec 21, 2003 7:55 PM
It's been a looong time... and I've been meaning to go back.

Climbing up.

Some of us at the top.

great climb, huh? nice pix nmDougSloan
Dec 21, 2003 8:21 PM
ok, how about a "real man/cyclist" feat of strength?DougSloan
Dec 19, 2003 1:38 PM
How about let's see if anyone can out-sprint me on a bike. Top speed, no leadout/drafting. No wind, flat ground. Report honestly.

Some of you likely will have a pretty good chance at this, some won't. I probably can hit around 36 mph (have before, at least). Now *that* is a feat of strength, right?

I'm calling in aarontoy for this. nmOldEdScott
Dec 19, 2003 2:14 PM
Dec 19, 2003 2:25 PM
Gosh, if he can TT at 31 mph, he must be able to sprint about 45!

According to Frank, though, I get to pick who tests the Feats of Strength," "unless they have something better to do." How are you at sprinting? ;-)

Would you consider "preserving life and limb" as...dr hoo
Dec 19, 2003 3:01 PM
... "something better to do"?

20 degree highs, snow and ice on the roads. Not good sprinting conditions for the next few months for me.