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Could this be bigger news than Saddam's capture?(6 posts)

Could this be bigger news than Saddam's capture?Continental
Dec 15, 2003 8:18 AM
New reports yesterday that Mohammed Atta and Abu Nidal met and trained in Iraq in the summer of 2001.
Directly or not, Saddam was ....Live Steam
Dec 15, 2003 9:05 AM
certainly a proponent of terrorism against the US. It was reported that he paid a stipend to the families of those that died in martyrdom from committing acts of terrorism against US and Israeli targets. That fits my definition of supporting terrorism against the US and justifies the course of action taken against him.
perhaps, if it's legitimate.rufus
Dec 15, 2003 9:19 AM
I am a bit troubled by this quote though:

While it is almost impossible to ascertain whether or not the document is legitimate or a clever fake, Iraqi officials working for the interim government are convinced of its authenticity, even though they decline to reveal where and how they obtained it. "It is not important how we found it," said a senior Iraqi security official. "The important thing is that we did find it and the information it contains."

A leading member of Iraq's governing council, who asked not to be named, said he was convinced of the document's authenticity.

of course it's important where it came from, and how it was found. hopefully, this isn't just more of ahmed chalabi's "intelligence".
Maybe they need to protect the identity of ...Live Steam
Dec 15, 2003 9:35 AM
the person they received it from for their safety or because they need furthure use of their inside knowledge. Revealing the source may compromise that.
Know your enemiesLive Steam
Dec 15, 2003 12:57 PM

How the Chinese helped Iraq fight the US
(Filed: 14/12/2003)

Beijing know-how was handed over to Saddam as air strikes began, reveals Con Coughlin.

Chinese military advisers played a key role in helping Saddam's air defences withstand coalition air strikes in the months preceding Operation Iraqi Freedom, according to the Iraqi colonel who last week revealed details of Saddam's programme of weapons of mass destruction.

Lieutenant-Colonel al-Dabbagh, whose revelations about Saddam's battlefield WMD capability were revealed exclusively last week in the Telegraph, said he worked with a number of Chinese air-defence specialists during 2002 and the early part of this year to devise methods to stop coalition air strikes destroying Iraq's air defences.

"They arrived in the spring of 2002," said al-Dabbagh, who commanded an air defence unit in Iraq's Western desert. "They were personally greeted by Saddam and seemed very happy to be in Iraq. A couple of them even grew moustaches and wore keffiyehs (Arab scarves) around their heads so that they would look more like us."

Saddam is believed to have made a secret military deal with Beijing, which opposed the Iraq war at the United Nations security council. This was a clear breach of UN sanctions imposed on Iraq at the end of the Gulf War.

The deal was struck in late 2001 after allied warplanes, which were then patrolling the no-fly zone in southern Iraq, attacked and destroyed several Iraqi radar installations. "Saddam went absolutely crazy," al-Dabbagh recalled. "He said, 'If we don't do something fast there will be no radar left in Iraq.' "

Initially, the Iraqis recruited about a dozen Serb air-defence specialists, who were each paid $100,000 (£57,000) a month to help devise a method to protect Iraq's air defences from attack. But their contract was terminated when their attempts to devise a mobile radar system failed because they could not find a truck large enough to carry the equipment.

According to al-Dabbagh, the Chinese were more successful and devised a sophisticated decoy device which forced missiles fired by allied warplanes to hit the wrong targets.

"The Chinese device only cost $25, but it was very successful," said al-Dabbagh. "The American pilot would return home thinking he had hit three of our radar units, when in fact all he would have hit were three $25 decoys."

Al-Dabbagh, who is now in hiding in Iraq after death threats following last week's revelations, said Saddam was delighted with the device and personally thanked the Chinese technicians, who performed an oriental dance in honour of the tyrant.
Know your enemiesbill105
Dec 15, 2003 1:12 PM
add to the Chinese, the French, Russians and Germans and there you have Iraq's top illegal arms trading partners during the UN sanctions. Not something your real allies would do.