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"do not operate heavy machinery on this medication"(2 posts)

"do not operate heavy machinery on this medication"PaulCL
Dec 9, 2003 6:30 AM
OK, who let Ozzy Osborne on an ATV??? He wrecked - surprise! He broke bones and had emergency surgery.

I let my kids watch five minutes of the Osbornes just so that they could see the negative affects of long term drug use. I hope it sunk in.
I love Ozzie and the OsbornesLive Steam
Dec 9, 2003 6:48 AM
I went through different phases of music preferences during high school. Black Sabbath was one of them. I saw them perform at all the venues when in the NYC area.

I reaquainted myself with Ozzie when the TV show appeared. I find it quite entertaining. He is oviously a piece of work still in the making. For some reason I have no problem with watching this "reality show", but don't understand the attraction to Paris Hilton other than her looks, which I agree are pretty fair :O)

The Osbornes show really gives one a glimmer into the life of a real celebrity. I don't think anything is staged. I also don't think anything is held back or added just for entertainment value. He's a real live rock and roller with a real family and a long standing relationship with his wife. That in itself is quite unusual. I just get a kick out of his uncalculated antics.

I agree, what the heck was he doing on a motorized vehicle that requires some dexterity? He can barely talk and walk at the same time!