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PC Sound Recording(3 posts)

PC Sound RecordingMarketing Dept
Dec 1, 2003 11:45 AM
I have several recordings on DAT and VHS that I wish to burn onto a CD.

By playing around, I was able to patch my audio sources into my PC by the microphone input. The results are not very good as the microphone seems to have way to much gain set. I have to adjust the input volume to almost 0 just to get the distortion down.

I do not have a line level input (I don't think anyway) on the PC.

I have XP and Sound Recorder as well as Roxy and Media Player. The only thing I could get to work was the Sound Recorder and like I said, I was not pleased.

Any suggestions on what I need to do? Do I need to purchase software and if so, what would be a good package. Remember, I only need this to transfer what I have. I most likely will not use it again as I no longer do much recording.

Thanks for any suggestions.

P.S. I know this is a better subject for another forum, but I will go with fellow cyclist first anytime.
re: PC Sound Recordingmohair_chair
Dec 1, 2003 12:08 PM
You could buy a cheap sound card that has a line input. If your system doesn't have one, that's your only option, unless you want to buy or build an attenuator to match the levels.

As far as recording, don't bother with Sound Recorder. I think it can only do a minute of recording, which isn't much. I have a program called Sound Forge that I got from my brother that is excellent. It's also expensive. You might be able to find something in shareware.
Hmmm...Marketing Dept
Dec 1, 2003 12:20 PM
Taking the Macguyver (sp) approach, I could run my source through a preamp and use it to attenuate the incoming audio level.

Also, I thought the same about Sound Recorder having only a 60 second recording. While playing around with it, I was able to extend the recording time indefinitely, or at least up to 12 minutes which is as long as one of the recordings.

Thanks for the idea. I have a preamp around collecting dust. If that doesn't work, I will go to the sound card with a line level input.