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Email Spammers - Do They Use Key Words in the Subject Line?(2 posts)

Email Spammers - Do They Use Key Words in the Subject Line?Fez
Nov 30, 2003 12:14 PM
I have noticed something increasingly common with spam email and believe it is NOT coincidence.

For example, lets say my hotmail address is and I have these names in my address book:

Albert, Bobbie, Brooks, Carissa, Chantal, Frederique, George, Maddie, Miller, Nelson, Raj, Steve, Thomas, Tyrone, etc.

Spammers are now including these names in the "from" and "subject" portion of the spam emails they send to me to get my attention. It happens too often to be a simple coincidence.

Assuming this is NOT coincidence, how are they able to see who is in my address book?

I don't have any viruses (scan and update weekly) and I immediately delete all spam email (do not respond). I even set it so no pictures show up on my incoming email because I heard it lets spammers know that the address is active.

This happens on my hotmail, my wife's hotmail, and on the email I have with my ISP. I use Outlook Express for email on all those accounts, if that matters.
Don't be too sure your PC isn't infected...The Walrus
Dec 1, 2003 7:40 PM one outfit can keep their virus definitions completely current. I have Norton, and discovered to my surprise that several Trojan horses had gotten past it. You might try doing a scan using Housecall; it's a free, static virus scan (i.e., it only examines what's already sitting on your hard drive at the time and offers no ongoing, dynamic protection) which is useful as a "second opinion" on your computer's security status. Here's the link: