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anyone pick up a trojan lately?(3 posts)

anyone pick up a trojan lately?dr hoo
Nov 17, 2003 6:23 PM
VBS/Psyme trojan specifically? This could have gotten onto your system by visiting a malicious website, even if you did nothing but go to the site.

I skipped a week of anti-virus updates and MS patches on one of my home boxes, and I think that delay cost me a bit of an infection. Oh well, it was time to reinstall the OS anyway to speed things back up.

Update and scan. I have a notion that there might have been an infected link on this page, which is where I picked it up. It could have been another site of course, but you might as well make sure. Unless you don't mind others using your computer as a zombie machine to launch hostile attacks that is. In that case, go about your normal routine.

Oh, they could also reformat your drive if they want. Or pretty much anything else for that matter. So it's worth a check.
durex is the way to go, my friend .. (joke)globalhelipimp
Nov 17, 2003 7:01 PM
... all kidding aside, my girlfriend picked up a worm that was a trojan (and is probably a verision of the one you picked up...) However, you don't have to reformat. Type the name of the virus into Symatec's (Nortan Anti-Virus) website, and they list directions for removal.

Also, for anyone else out there looking to avoid the virus, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT go to the website

When you click the link, you're auto-infected by the wormmmmmm.

Ah, but do they have one "for her pleasure?"dr hoo
Nov 18, 2003 5:01 AM
Yes, you can remove it without all the reinstallation I did. I should have mentioned that. But since I was getting hangs and BSOD all the time, and things were running very slowly, I needed to do it anyway. In any case, all my data is on a different partition, so it's not much of a hassle.

The problem with trojans is that if your machine has been accessed remotely, the malicious hacker can put all sorts of *other* backdoors onto your system. Unlikely, but possible. Even more unlikely given the type of security I have set up. If things were running well for me, I probably would have taken the .1% chance and left it at that.