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How's this for irony?(1 post)

How's this for irony?torquer
Nov 17, 2003 2:06 PM
Just received this e-mail this afternoon:

"During the month of November, Wal-Mart stores with a vision center will be sponsoring a program called "Project Insight." The program is being offered to children up to age of 18 years who have no health insurance. Wal-Mart will provide the eye exam for FREE and will also pay for frames and lenses. The child must be seen during the month of November to take advantage of this program."

I guess children of Wal-Mart cleaning contractors and "part-time" employees will be first in line.

(In spite of my scepticism about Wal-Mart's motives for this, I give them credit for doing some good with this program. The shame is that it should be necessary at all.)