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Bolts - when to use loctite, when to use grease?(5 posts)

Bolts - when to use loctite, when to use grease?Fez
Nov 14, 2003 9:26 AM
In general, I'm sure loctite is used in industry (car parts, for ex, where the bolts are inaccessible to the end user but must stay secure).

But for cycling, when to use loctite and when to use grease?

I hear grease allows for even and proper tension on the bolt, so therefore it shouldn't loosen.

Loctite seems to increase the risk of stripping the bolt head and/or mess the threads up of a frequently used bolt.
for bikes, only two applications I can think of...gtx
Nov 14, 2003 9:40 AM
some fender bolts, and some suspension fork parts if recommended by the manufacturer--namely the canti brake bosses.

I thought this was non-cycling discussions... ;)
do you ever want to disassemble?DougSloan
Nov 14, 2003 10:04 AM
I know some people use Loctite on spoke threads, but I don't.

My theory is use Loctite only on bolts that you never want to adjust or take apart. As I'm staring at a bike sitting in my office, for easy reference, I can't think of a single bolt to which that applies. I take things apart, re-adjust, and fiddle with things far too much to ever want something permanently or even semi-permanently bound.

Now, if I were going to race Paris-Roubaix, I'd probably pull out the Loctite and do darn near every bolt on the bike, the point being that there is a high likelihood of jarring something loose, and since most every bolt on a bike is mission-critical, you don't want that to happen during an important event. The side-effect of not being able to adjust things during the race and having difficultly disassembling afterwards is likely worth it.

During my solo 508 race, I used a backup bike with fat tires for the extremely rough parts of the course, one of which was a very torn up section of about 10 miles where the highway department was getting ready to repave it. It was so rough that it made your eyes jar such that you could barely see the road. It managed to knock the nut off the bolt holding my front brake caliper, which almost sent it into the spokes. I had to grab it on the fly and wrap the cable around my handlebars a few times. Some Loctite would have been good there.

I'd say that for 99% of applications, routinely checking tightness of bolts and nuts is all you need to do, and Loctite is overkill. The one exception I might make is the two tiny bolts holding the rear derailleur jockey pulleys. You can't really get these very tight, and them coming loose could be a disaster.

re: Bolts - when to use loctite, when to use grease?No_sprint
Nov 14, 2003 10:15 AM
I use loctite on the valve extenders I use with tubies. Loctite is not like a weld. It can still come apart.
There is more than one type of loctiteLive Steam
Nov 14, 2003 12:26 PM
There are limited uses for the blue loctite vs the red loctite on bikes. The red is like glue and makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to extract what ever has it applied to it. The blue is semi-permanent. I use it on parts that do not need to be disassemble often, but risk loosening - the screws that retain the jockey wheels on the rear der. is one place I use it. I also use it on BBs especially Italian threaded BBs. I have experienced Italian threaded BBs backing out under heavy climbing and also in wet conditions. It is fine to use in other situations where you find a screw or bolt that continues to loosen after use. Remember it's the blue and not the red.