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Notebook Computer - What is widescreen good for?(2 posts)

Notebook Computer - What is widescreen good for?Fez
Nov 12, 2003 9:50 PM
Have 2 notebook computer questions:

1) What is widescreen good for besides watching movies? I don't watch dvd movies on my computer. But I was wondering if the wider screen size at proper resolution allowed you to view two letter size pages side by side (like an open book). Also would it help with large spreadsheets and editing photos?

2) Can anyone vouch for the battery life of Intel Pentium M processors with built-in wireless LAN (Centrino technology)?

I hear claims of 4, 5, even 7 hour battery life because the processors are so much more efficient. Almost sounds too good to be true.

Anyone with experience on either of these things, please chime in.
Wider is Betterdr hoo
Nov 13, 2003 5:21 AM
That's what the car commercial says.

DVD is the obvious advantage. If you travel with it, it's a nice feature.

I think it makes using certain programs nicer, especially ones with a "sidebar". IE, web design, and photoediting programs that I use that have this stuff, and I like a bit extra space on the side of the screen for it.

As for two documents, I think the proportions of two docs side by side would be a bit better on a wide screen. But I don't think they would be fun to work on at that size.

But on this issue you should go test some. Go to a big box store and open some windows on the display models. See if things look better on the widescreen or not. UI is a very personal thing in many ways.

That being said, we just bottom fed on an e-machines widescreen laptop. AMD, wireless, ~2 hours of use running full bore (but not spinning a cd or dvd). If we crank down the settings to conserve power we might get 3-4 hours. I'll have to try.