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Hey Bikeviking...From one Dream Theater fan to another...(2 posts)

Hey Bikeviking...From one Dream Theater fan to another...sn69
Nov 12, 2003 9:36 PM

I just made a modest "rediscovery" of a band/artist I had long-forgotten--Toney Carey's Planet P Project, specifically "Pink World." It's proto-Dream Theater of sorts. I was watching VH-1 Classics late on one recent, sleepless night when they played "In The Zone." Whoa, I forgot all about Carey's post-Rainbow foray into concept rock.

Good stuff, even if his first solo release was a bit of a disappointment save for "Why Me."

re: Hey Bikeviking...From one Dream Theater fan to another...BikeViking
Nov 14, 2003 1:13 PM
Thanks for the tip! It's hard to find good prog-metal bands these days. I am always on the lookout because as i get older, I am more picky about my music. Symphony X is pretty good, but finding their CD's in brick-and mortar music stores is a little difficult.

BTW, I picked up the new DT "Train of Thought" and it seems to be a pretty good buy...only one song is under 7 minutes!! :o) A Couple of the extendo-guitar part are a little over the top, but a solid outing, on the whole.

I was at Best Buy on Tuesday to buy it and it wasn't in stock and they SPECIFICALLY advertised in their SUnday sales paper. How annoying!