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Rush coming back(11 posts)

Rush coming backDougSloan
Nov 12, 2003 3:45 PM
Just out:

It's official! Rush will return to the air on Monday, November 17th. The EIB family is about to get a little closer as we gear up to welcome the Maha Rushie back to the Golden EIB Microphone. If you missed David Limbaugh's announcement on Wednesday's program, we have the audio and transcript posted on the website.

David was pleased to bring us the good news and wanted to thank everyone for doing what strong families do, stick by each other. David on Rush: "He's very realistic about the long road ahead of him and he's committed to staying the course, just as he is and has always been committed to this broadcast and to his family of listeners. He's expressed so often over the course of these last few weeks how deeply moved he is by the love and loyalty of you, his audience, and is especially overwhelmed by the prayers and support he's received."

We all look forward to Monday, the most anticipated day in EIB history, and can already hear the voice, chuckle and inspiration of the man so many of us call "good friend."


Imagine Rush with a totally clear head? Look out you Lefties. ;-)

One more example of liberal domination of the airwaves...(nm)Cory
Nov 12, 2003 5:15 PM
It was a MIRACLE..... He was once lost, now found...........MR_GRUMPY
Nov 12, 2003 6:40 PM
After five weeks he has thrown off the yoke of demonic drugs, with the help of Jesus and his PR people. Just think what it would have been like if he was an EVIL democrat. It would have been CRACK, instead of harmless pain pills.
I wonder if he has forgiven his housekeeper for turning him in, so that he could be "saved." He should hire her back, and give her a big raise.
Ps. When is the trial ??????
Was that.....Talent on loan from God.....or Merck?critmass
Nov 12, 2003 10:38 PM
There is fine print on the front of prescription bottles for a reason. I assume Limbaabaa is a reasonably intelligent person who has good reading skills. Nevertheless, chemicals aren't prejudiced and can just as easily get a smart man hooked as a moron.
If Limbaabaa is due our compassion, so too is every other unfortunate American with the same set of problems, many of whom have been treated utterly without mercy by our criminal justice system. Non-violent drug offenders who are not as lucky as Limbaabaa with his wealth and popularity have legal problems with drugs not just medical ones.
It will be interesting to see how the "and justice for all" thing with the Feds and the State of Florida plays out.
I hope he stays clean and gets on with his life just like I do for any other non-violent addict. I also hope he learns from his situation and helps to bring insight to a group of listeners who could really stand to face the truth about drug laws in this country. I think its going to be hard for him to come back with the same moral tone especially after berating people like Cobain and Strawberry and bemoaning not enough white guys going to prison for drug use.
But then I'm sure he knows now that detox and re-hab is more difficult than going through a Hillary Presidency

11/12/03 Centcom: One Task Force Ironhorse solider was killed and two were wounded when their military vehicle struck an IED northwest of Baghdad at approximately 11pm Nov. 11.
Great! His guest hosts are really annoying.OldEdScott
Nov 13, 2003 5:41 AM
I don't mind a good bashing from the right wing as long as it's laced with some humor or wit. Those clowns filling in for him have neither. Rush always manages to make me laugh when he's at the Golden EIB mike.
I agreeDougSloan
Nov 13, 2003 7:22 AM
It is sort of irritating to hear people trying to sound conservative, when it comes so naturally to Rush. The idiots on "Fox and Friends" are the worst. So much of Rush is a bit tongue in cheek, too, and most people can't pull that off.

What do you think of Tony Snow? nmLive Steam
Nov 13, 2003 8:02 AM
He's OK on TV, where his irony comes acrossOldEdScott
Nov 13, 2003 8:05 AM
visually. On radio, he just sounds priggish.
Say you didn't comment on our politico selections and .....Live Steam
Nov 13, 2003 8:10 AM
didn't give us your good/evil politico selections either. What's with that?
Ah. I was out of townTuesday. My choice for mas maloOldEdScott
Nov 13, 2003 8:40 AM
us a tie: John Ashcroft and Swinging Dick Cheney.

Most admirable: Jimmy Carter, although the Jerry Brown post made some excellent points.

Sorry you didn't get any votes, Steam! I tried to promote you!
I think it'll be a while before...Charlie Amerique
Nov 14, 2003 9:36 AM
...any "lefties" have to worry about Rush with a totally clear head.

I defy anyone.. ANYONE to show me where anyone addicted to opiates can become totally clear headed after only 5 weeks of therapy.

Opiate addiction is one of the most, if not THE most pervasive addictions humans face. They take over the most basic level of human responses: SURVIVAL. Where people would normally seek shelter, food, safety, opiates replace those drives with the NEED for more drugs.

No matter how you cut it, Rush has a very long and difficult road ahead (harder I would say because of hus fame and fortune) and I honestly wish him the best of luck.