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Orin Hatch on Frontline last night(5 posts)

Orin Hatch on Frontline last night128
Nov 7, 2003 10:54 AM
Issue was should dietary supplements/alternative medicines be subject to federal regulation.

He fights against any regulation of these herbal extracts etc.

But what struck me was his insistance that 'the left wing' overzealous regulators who believe 'the government can tell us what's good for us' should butt out and refuse to regulate the safety of the supplements. Agreed (somewhat).

But I thought it was more likle liberal new-age whackos and gym-rats who ate this stuff up by the $billions (15B/y in sales), and that the 'left' was opposed to this regulation from the get go. I thought the right was FOR regulation to protect market share? Maybe I'm misinformed

The largest supplement producers are in Hatch's home state of

Anyway, just a rant really that Orin couldn't bring himself to admit he was on the same side of an argument as 'the left wing' but instead villified 'them'. Divisive, self-serving partisanship pss me off.

Maybe I missed something, but I felt used...
Supplements industry opposed regulationtorquer
Nov 7, 2003 11:22 AM
and were able to mobilize "liberal new-age whackos and gym-rats" (among others) to flood Congress with messages threatening eternal damnation if they dared to require substantiation of any health claims, not to mention imposing controls over dosage, purity, etc.

Lining up with the wealthy snake-oil salesmen against jack-booted government thugs who might actually expose these guys' scams seems entirely consistent with the GOP's agenda of getting the government off the people's back (except of course in the bedroom, the library, the internet etc., but I digress).
Yeah, that was amusing. It was a fascinating Frontline,sn69
Nov 7, 2003 1:16 PM
too bad I fell asleep half way through it. ...Must not be taking enough illicit ephedra.
Yep, Twilight Zone stuff. Old Orrin, doingOldEdScott
Nov 7, 2003 1:57 PM
the buffalo shuffle on an issue where left and right are hopelessly muddled.

My analysis is, the big pharm companies hate supplements, so it should be fodder for the right to crush them since the right loves the pharms. HOWEVER, the right hates (supposedly) government regulation. Hmmmmm.

The left tends to be libertarian in matters of intra-body chemistry, but likes the government, nanny-like, to assure 'safety.' Hmmm.

Here come supplements and Orrin, hopping down the bunny trail, hewing no discernable idealogical line.

I loved it. I like Orrin too, if truth be known. He's a pretty straight shooter, for a reactionary.
Yep, Twilight Zone stuff. Old Orrin, doingMatno
Nov 11, 2003 11:06 PM
I don't know. I lived with his nephew in college and he said the family called him "Borin' Orrin" long before he was a famous politician...

Personally, I think the right would love the pharms more if there weren't so many regulations from the feds. That would pave the way for even more R&D, competition, and bigger business. Now that I've been around the health care profession for a couple of years, I'll have to say that FDA regulations of pharmaceuticals hurt us far more than they "protect" us. Try telling that to a "I'm not responsible for anything bad that happens to me" average American (okay, my impression of the "average" is significantly dumber than it used to be now that I live in the Bronx, but there's still way too much of that attitude out there. It's the old, everybody is responsible for everyone elses mistakes and nobody is responsible for their own...)