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anyone else have XM radio?(14 posts)

anyone else have XM radio?DougSloan
Nov 7, 2003 8:32 AM
This is the coolest thing for a car in years. Recently got XM, and it is amazing. Perfect reception everywhere (barring a long tunnel), lots of selections, over 100 channels. I mostly listen to the two comedy channels, when it's not, get this, Fox News on the radio!

If I drove I'd have itColnagoFE
Nov 7, 2003 8:43 AM
I rarely drive much these days. I listen to MusicMatch at work. Commercial radio sucks so bad I rarely listen to that anymore. Seems like radio is becoming like TV...make them pay monthly to get anything decent. I still remember growing up watching the 3 TV channels we could get and not knowing I was missing anything. Probably wasn't missing anything when you really think about what's on TV these days.
No, but this thing is making me very happy.Alex-in-Evanston
Nov 7, 2003 9:05 AM
I had no idea how small and handy these things were until I got one for my wife (er, ahem, yeah).
I've been considering itLive Steam
Nov 7, 2003 9:14 AM
I actually bought their stock early this year and have purchased Sirius stock as well. I think this is one of those things that people will soon not want to do without. Sort of like cell phones. A robust economy will certainly help sales. Once soccer moms find out they can listen to their favorite soap opera while driving the kids to practice, it will become common place. Sirius has made quite a few deals with car mfgs. to have factory-installed units as part of a packaged option.

We drove to PA from the city the other day and I wish I had it then. I had to suffer listening to static until I couldn't take it. I realy think it is the wave of the future, especially if they can integrate it with other services.
I would, butTJeanloz
Nov 7, 2003 9:35 AM
I love the concept. But I hate paying bills. I would do almost anything to avoid another bill for $9.99 a month (or whatever it costs). And I don't drive nearly enough to justify it.
Nov 7, 2003 10:43 AM
You can pay for a year or more in advance, and it gets much cheaper and then you won't have monthly bills.

Nope,.......No need.MR_GRUMPY
Nov 7, 2003 9:50 AM
More than enough good stations to listen to.
I like DJ's though. Do they have DJ's?128
Nov 7, 2003 9:59 AM
Plus I like it local. Nonetheless, XM is pretty neat. AND I really really miss true Top 40: extreme variety at one station. I think XM is sorted by genre....

Curiously, I have a friend (who proudly identifies himself as, ahem, Republican-not that there's anything wrong...ummm)who always reminds me that he gets Foxploitation News on his radio. Am I sensing a new direction for the Movement?
no DJ'sDougSloan
Nov 7, 2003 10:15 AM
No DJ's, just music (in addition to news and humor channels). Some channels have commercials, but most don't.

They are sorted by genre, but there are also Top 40-type channels; even better, there are "Deep Track" (album) channels, and "Top Track" as well. Also, there are 40's, 50's (decade) channels through 90's. Opera, classical, all sorts of country, kids, just about everything is represented in several forms.

Fox is not the only news channel; there is also CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg; you can always find NPR on your local radio, if you want "balance."

Viva Nicola Tesla!128
Nov 7, 2003 10:27 AM
Sounds great.

I should consider it, I'm such a radio freak. I use a Grundig short wave am/fm and am already up at weird hours listening to stuff. And comedy stations? Geez I'd glue my car to my ear.

You know what I find really funny?Live Steam
Nov 7, 2003 10:18 AM
Lately I have seen an increasing amout of advertising by CNBC and CNN on FOX News. I guess they are getting hammered in the ratings dept. and are desperately trying to regain viewership. I am sure this type of advertising has been done before, but I don't remember it and not to the extent I have seen. I guess everyone knows where to get "fair and balanced news"! :O)
The ephemara of dialectical materialism?? nm128
Nov 7, 2003 10:33 AM
The Three Stooges? nmOldEdScott
Nov 7, 2003 10:37 AM
A guy walks into the bar with his dog128
Nov 7, 2003 11:44 AM
Bartender says "sorry, no dogs allowed"
Guy says, this is no ordinary dog. He can talk. Listen: What's on the outside of a tree?
Bartender says "Sure great but look.."
No, listen he can really talk:
"Whats on top of a house??
Bartender says "Ok pal, now I'll ask the questions.
"Who was the greatest baseball player of all time??"
Dog says
Bartender grabs them both by the neck and tosses them out the door.
Dog looks up at his owner and says
"Do you think I should have said Dimagio??"