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News you won't read in the Guardian...(2 posts)

News you won't read in the Guardian...mohair_chair
Oct 24, 2003 6:39 AM
LONDON (Reuters) - A British couple have been forced to move house because of the shame caused by the name of their street -- Butt Hole Road.

Paul and Lisa Allott sold their $250,000 bungalow in Conisbrough, northern England after living there for just 15 months, fed up with the constant leg-pulling.

Taxis and pizza delivery men would fail to turn up, thinking their order was just a prank, and they grew tired with groups of youths posing for photos by the nearby street sign with their buttocks bared.

"I like a laugh, but it was beyond a joke," Allott told the Sun newspaper.

Attempts by Reuters to contact the new residents were unsuccessful -- they have taken a confidential telephone number.
re: News you won't read in the Guardian...MJ
Oct 24, 2003 8:50 AM
from the Sun - no further comment necessary...