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London School Boys and Viagra(1 post)

London School Boys and Viagrajose_Tex_mex
Oct 23, 2003 4:36 PM
CNN reported the below article. I could not help but laugh at the last second in paragraph 5. Can you imagine the teacher from whom this quote came?

LONDON, England (Reuters) -- Six British schoolboys were rushed to the hospital after taking the erection-enhancing drug Viagra at lunchtime for a dare, the school said Thursday.

Paramedics were called after a fellow student told teachers about the 13-year-olds' prank, a spokesperson for Forest School in Winnersh, in southern England, said.

The local education authority said they think the student took the pills from home and brought them to the all-boys school where he shared them with five friends.

The school has a no drugs policy and the students likely will face punishment, especially the student who brought the pills into school, the education authority said.

The Sun newspaper quoted a source at the school as saying: "By the time the afternoon lessons began, there was no hiding what they had done."

Paramedics took the six squirming boys to the nearby Royal Berkshire Hospital, where they were monitored until the effects wore off.

The effects of Viagra are typically felt for up to 4 hours, according to