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A question for the Catholics out there....(10 posts)

A question for the Catholics out there....ClydeTri
Oct 21, 2003 1:00 PM
Can a Pope resign or whatever the term would be? Or must he die in office? Can a Pope be removed if he becomes incapicitated and unable to perform his duties? Just curious,not being Catholic and watching the current Pope it seems to be time to pass the robes or whatever on to the next Pope.
What'll happen islotterypick
Oct 21, 2003 1:37 PM
one day in the near future, they'll see him and then his robe will just fall to the ground (al la Obi Wan).

Then this boy who sits on pillows with asian eyes will be able to make butterflies etc come to life and he'll be tapped to be the next Pontif.

This will bring the rise of the Tibetian-Roman unification which for all you Revelation fans is the dragon that rises out of the ocean.

Which brings about the last days. Got it?
the basic rule is...mohair_chair
Oct 21, 2003 1:46 PM
God will decide when it's time for him to go. Whatever that means. In modern times, it typically means he dies. Maybe it could mean he is granted the wisdom to call the Cardinals together and step down.

I have no idea if a pope has ever resigned, but back in the middle ages, some were thrown out. Of course, the pope had an army back then, so it was a little different than it is now.
The pope can resign.dr hoo
Oct 21, 2003 1:56 PM
He can resign.

However, there is no mechanism for de-poping a pope if they are infirm and unable to communicate (like advanced parkinsons produces, which is what JP has). The worry was he would get trapped in his body, but still be of sound mind... just unable communicate.

It would be a test of faith.

I would predict the papal hit squad to speed his passage to heaven before it came to that.

dr (fallen catholic) hoo
he said he'll never resignDougSloan
Oct 21, 2003 2:07 PM
I saw a documentary on him recently. He said, directly, "the father never resigns." They made it very clear that he'll be there until he's dead.

They did not even discuss removing him. I think it's just not done.

unless, of course, God "asks" him to resign (nm)ColnagoFE
Oct 21, 2003 2:18 PM
whats the over/under on the fella anyway?funknuggets
Oct 21, 2003 2:22 PM
Wonder if vegas online has odds on that? Heck, if there are odds on Survivor or The Bachelor, there must be on the fella. Not a Dr, but I give the guy a year, year and a half tops...

I wouldn't bet on an imminent demise . . .ms
Oct 21, 2003 3:06 PM
Five years ago, a friend invited me to lunch with a priest who was then part of a Cardinal's staff and had just been to Rome with the Cardinal. The priest claimed to have it on the "best authority" that the Pope was terminally ill and would be dead within six months. Well . . . Although I think that the Pope's death is close, he seems to confound those who predict his imminent demise. I wouldn't bet on it.
Im not betting...funknuggets
Oct 22, 2003 8:11 AM
Believe me... I guess my dark humor was more of a stab than it should have been. There is no way I would bet on something like think I want to get struk by lightning?

Im no medical expert, but my wife, a nurse that works specifically with the elderly of all types, including those with parkinson's or alzheimers. She says most of the time that she can just tell when people are on the way out. With him, it isn't necessarily the way he looks, it is the string of small ailments that will catch up with him.

Most if it will be due to complications with medications and falls, and minor strokes, and mostly respitory issues that will likely get the fella. Odds are in his sleep or pneumonia...but then again Im not betting.

However, Im glad he will not step down. It is all the activity that is probably getting him the requisite activity and mental stimulation to keep him up and running! Good for him.

I'm not opposed to betting . . .ms
Oct 22, 2003 12:32 PM
I just didn't want to see anyone lose his or her shirt to a bookmaker. For years, broadcasters have been renting space from which they can broadcast the Pope's funeral and the election of his successor. I guess that is a bet on his death and they haven't been hit by lightning yet.