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So, I had a dream of Nazi Youth BMX Cyclists....(1 post)

So, I had a dream of Nazi Youth BMX Cyclists....rwbadley
Oct 15, 2003 6:41 AM
when I woke up, I was languidly lying in bed thinking about what it all meant.

My train of thought for some reason led through this: I remembered GWBush saying something about "I'm a Uniter, not a Divider" While not sure if he was miserating his lack of mathematical prowess or not, I am guessing he meant he was a catalyst for happy consensus....anyway...This thought led to my next rumination, that lately our good 'ol USA seems to have a solid level of unified division (again with the math?) lately on certain aspects of the current administration handling of world events.

Hmmm, then it occurs to me that the balance of the world opinion outside the US seems to be quite united in it's consternation re: current administration handling of world events.

So it appears ol Georgie is once again very correct in his assessement of reality. He has indeed united the world against us, while also uniting certain factions advocating against administration policy.

Well, I never said dream analysis was one of my strong points ;-)