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Attn: Comrade Old Ed -- RE: Kaintuck Gov's Race(3 posts)

Attn: Comrade Old Ed -- RE: Kaintuck Gov's RaceDale Brigham
Oct 8, 2003 5:35 AM
Dearest Comrade:

Transmissions from our glorious leaders at world revolution headquarters (NPR) discussed the KY governor's race on the air this morning. Ya' got a dog in this fight, Ed?

Whither goest the Commonwealth, friend?

Your Useful Idiot,

I heard that same report and thought of Bourbon ..I mean Ed128
Oct 8, 2003 5:50 AM
Was it Kintuk has never had a Republican govenor? Maybe this will the 'liberal Republican' test you were speaking of.

Shoplifters of the world, unite and take over.
Funny you should say dog ...OldEdScott
Oct 8, 2003 5:57 AM
because as usual in a Mitch McConnell-run campaign, we have dog-based TV ads portraying the Democrat candidate as a yapping little puppy, trying repeatedly to jump over a fence and failing, to show his supposed inability to 'clean up the mess in Frankfort' during his years as Attorney General. As is customary with a McConnell ad, it is greatly effective. We can expect nasty ads to replace this clever one shortly.

McConnell's puppet candidate Ernie Fletcher is a brainless cipher, but no matter. He's creeping ahead in the polls, for reasons that escape me. If trends continue, he will be the first Republican elected governor in Kentucky since 1967 -- 36 years.

The Dem candidate, Ben Chandler, is a better campaigner than I thought he'd be, but he suffers unfairly from the sex scandal that rocked our sitting governor last year. He's seen as part of 'the mess' etc etc.

No, I'm not in this one. Chandler represents a faction of the party that I'm estranged from (factions become big deals when a state is, essentially, a one-party state for a hundred years). I anticipate our loss of the governorship, coupled with our loss of the state Senate three years ago, tripled with what I fully anticipate will be a loss of the House in next year's election (which is what I AM working on these days), will end factional warfare among the Dems here, as we gather the remnants together and figure out what to do next.