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Rush's Pain Releiver Commercial(1 post)

Rush's Pain Releiver CommercialAlpedhuez55
Oct 3, 2003 7:04 PM
I listened to part of Rush's show the past two days. The commercial breaks were a riot. Yesterday they played a Donavan McNabb Chunky Soup Commercial. Today they had a commercial for a pain releiver called Theragesic. It was funny to hear Rush talk about pain killers given with what is going on. You just wanted to change Theragesic to Oxycontin!!! You think someone at the show would have had enough sense to play another version of the commercial read by someone else!!!

It will be intersting to see how this plays out. Rush's views on the drug war are pretty neutral. He thought it was a waist of money. But there were probably a lot of people hurt by the people who got his drugs for him. There were a lot of violent robberies in Boston and I am sure it was the same case in Florida.

He may lose a few sponsors, but I doubt this will be the end of him.

Mike Y.