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I wondered how they were going to spin this....(2 posts)

I wondered how they were going to spin this....gregario
Oct 3, 2003 7:37 AM
WASHINGTON - President Bush (news - web sites) said Friday that a search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (news - web sites) made clear that Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) had deceived the international community and was "a danger to the world."


I guess that since they can't find WMD's mean that Saddam *fooled* us and and can't be trusted. Therefore we needed to get rid of him. I'm not saying he's a good guy but wasn't that basically the prime reason for starting the war? I mean, other than trying to impress Dad...(and I'm fairly conservative)
It really is hard to believe...Dwayne Barry
Oct 3, 2003 8:16 AM
that Saddam could have miscalculated so badly for yet a second time.

If it really turns out that he had dismantled his WMD programs, and destroyed what was left of his WMD how could he have been so foolish as to not just cave-in and fully cooperate with the inspectors, the US, etc?

Even though I think the war was not a good idea, and that the reasons we went in there are not the reasons the administration sold to the public, I thought we would find WMD for sure.