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Any Opie & Anthony listeners out there??? (long)(2 posts)

Any Opie & Anthony listeners out there??? (long)biknben
Oct 1, 2003 11:36 AM
The recent news of ClearChannel stations and their anti-cyclist broadcasts have reminded me of a NY radio show I really miss. Opie & Anthony was a radio talk show out of NYC that gained nation-wide syndication before being removed from the air.

The pair had great chemistry. One is a hilarious comedian doing impersonations and bits. The other was the constant instigator. Rather than just mock the day's headlines or interview countless porn stars, they were always flying by the seat of their pants. They took endless calls from listeners and just went with the flow generated by the listeners. It was like an interactive, real-time, radio show. It was similar, in concept, to reality TV, but on your radio.

What set them apart were their "stunts". They were made popular by their regular Wednesday gag called "Whip'em Out Wed." or "WOW", encouraging ladies to expose themselves to motorists who displayed a WOW bumper sticker. Before long, you found WOW stickers on cars everywhere. People improvised and spelled WOW with tape or wrote it on the back of a dirty truck. It was funny to see how often the topic came up in everyday life.

They became hated by the local press when listeners pursued the local media vans to display WOW signs during live evening broadcasts. The media personnel were driven to conduct their live segments from the tops of their vans. There was even a WOWing during the Today Show.

Their undoing was a contest called "Sex for Sam". The grand prize being a trip to Sam Adam's OctoberFest in Boston. Sam himself was a regular caller, show advertiser, and "unofficial" endorser of the contest. Points were awarded to couples who engaged in sex at popular city landmarks and public places. One of the couples (along with a rep from the show) was arrested in St. Pat's cathedral in NYC. The wildfire in the press following this event put and end to the show and O&A were both fired.

They are now serving some type of FCC suspension. The station they worked for, which boomed as the show gained popularity, is now back in the tank. Now we are again stuck with Stern or other morning clown routines.

While I don't condone some of the behavior of the listeners, the show was truly unique and had me in stitches while at work and in my car. They were a household name among people of my age and a refreshing change from everyday radio. They weren't syndicated very long but I know they were in 20 or so cities throughout the country. Are there any fans of the show here?

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re: Any Opie & Anthony listeners out there???loki_1
Oct 3, 2003 9:10 AM
Yes, it was funny, as I was listening to that broadcast of the "Sex for Sam" stunt (it wasnt the first time they had that contest), I knew it was going to be their demise.

You did hit the point, it was the callers and the flow of the show that made it funny as hell. Also, the regular guests were very good too. I miss "What did you learn today".

They got replaced in Philadelphia by some lame DC show (Ron and Mike?) which, thankfully, is no longer on the air here.