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California GOV. elections. what did you think about tonight?(7 posts)

California GOV. elections. what did you think about tonight?CARBON110
Sep 24, 2003 6:41 PM
My vote after tonight would go to either the Sen. I hate conservatives, but more likely Arnie. The green canidate is a socialist. The woman is fokn NUTS and unbalanced! The LT. Gov is SHADY and is part of the problem and just seemed to me tonight he was running lines in every response. He is a bad politician.


Gov. A.S
I would vote NO...Tri_Rich
Sep 25, 2003 5:40 AM
simply because I think the recall is being misused.
Hey Tri Rich.......CARBON110
Sep 25, 2003 6:42 AM
Wanna get together for a ride? Any kind of ride is fine; hilly,easy,flat etc etc. You and me or we can hook up with other riders. What day of the week works for you?
Does anyone know??Jon Billheimer
Sep 25, 2003 8:03 AM
Does anyone know yet what Ahnold would actually do as governor? This seems to be a tightly guarded state secret.
From what I have read........CARBON110
Sep 25, 2003 9:13 AM
He is against: Huge % increase in school tuition,civil unions (i think)car tax and other annual taxes, against some corporate taxes, the present administration, paying for programs without address the state deficit, allowing the Gov. to take 25% of Calif. Dollar

He is for: Legal immigrants who came after August to have driving lisc. Pro choice, tax breaks for buisinesses in California and more tax breaks for buisiness moving into cali from another place, a similar run economic system as Arizona, leaving state and local government as it is and allowing towns to keep more of thier money, Lance Armstrong to win another TDF, lowering property tax as well, increasing taxes for upper class but not by much

I think last night he stayed away from details and numbers but when he was questioned after the fiasco errr conferance he spat out some specifics which was good timing. They did a poor job of moderating the entire thing. Alot more could have been accomplished. It looked like a high school election of student Government at times. You would expect ""leaders"" to have more level headed, prepared, and articulate responses/behavior when on TV in front of the nation. Only two really kept themselves composed without being out of line or requesting to speak appropriately. Reminded me of GWB senior when he responded to how he would get back at SNL
Hey Tri Rich.......Tri_Rich
Sep 25, 2003 9:39 AM
Unless you are coming down to Durham, in which case anytime is fine, I will not be back in Asheville until Oct. 24th. If you are in the Triangle let me know.
I have decided I dislike live debateskilimanjaro
Sep 25, 2003 9:13 AM
Because there is just insufficient time to challenge claims and explain any complex issues. I don't think newspapers do a sufficiently thourough job. Some conservative talk shows could provide substantive challenges if they could just stop with the silly name calling. Even public radio fails to provide fact checking.

For example: Bustamante claims that illegal/undocumented imigrants pay taxes. The talk shows were outraged by the claim. We know that everyone pays some sales tax. I would like to know if illegal/undocumented workers get their paychecks deducted for social security, medicare, medical, and some state federal income taxes. I assume many do do because of the supposedly raging illegal SS# trade but would like verification. Any study on percentage of illegals/undocumented workers that work completely in the underground economy. How does that compare to the "legal" workers.

Another example is revenue vs spending. McClintoch gave some numbers on expenditure outpacing population growth. I would like to know where the revenue increases are. For example I imagine health care costs rose for State employees at higher rates than inflation and population growth. Can we realistically cut spending without hurting vital services.

I really prefer an essay style debate (it could also be read on radio) that spans over a couple of weeks, similar to what Slate did for a debate on drug coverage for seniors. The essay (in digital form on websites) can provide links to numbers that support claims. This way voters can have a chance to wade through pontifications.

I was depressed before the last debate because I did not like any of the major candidates left. I still have major issues with each and am still voting No on recall and probably not vote for any replacements. I don't think all three will be compitent.