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thanks all (notably DMoore) for the Skydiving info(1 post)

thanks all (notably DMoore) for the Skydiving infoJS Haiku Shop
Sep 24, 2003 6:48 AM
post from june 2002:

JS Haiku Shop "first-time (tandem) skydive: anyone done this?" 6/24/02 7:26am

I purchased a tandem skydive from a reputable company near Chattanooga, TN; gave it to my wife for birthday late last year. we drove to chattanooga in july; rafting (us), riding bike up mountains (J), and skydiving (Mrs.).

she enjoyed the tandem jump so much that she immediately purchased another and jumped again on that day. i did include the video of the first jump in the gift, btw.

her enthusiasm hasn't flagged--she's now scheduled a weekend jump school and another skydive in order to qualify/certify to jump alone, without a tandem rig. finally she has a "healthy" obsession parallel to my cycling habit.

thanks all for the advice and feedback! extra big thanks to DMoore for pointing out the right direction and specifics!